This error happens when you try to stack arrays but the size of arrays along the concatenation axis don’t match. E.g.

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Will provide the error as in the title. Due to the fact that np.vstack tries to ridge the 2 arrays vertically, i.e. Make the complying with output:

But you can still ridge a and also b horizontally through np.hstack, since both arrays have only one row. Because that the over a, b, np.hstack((a, b)) offers <<1,2,3,4,5>>.

numpy.vstack and numpy.hstack are special situations of np.concatenate, which join a succession of arrays follow me an existing axis. therefore in general, when using np.concatenate((a, b), axis=n), you need to make sure the shape of the 2 arrays are precisely the same other than along axis n. I.e. A.shape<:n> + a.shape == b.shape<:n> + b.shape, otherwise friend will obtain the error as in the title.

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