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News Details Launches “Everywhere You want to Be,” a this firm Platform that Reconnects the agency to Its heritage

Integrated communication Reinforces’s commitment to communicate AllAudiences in Relevant and Meaningful means by expanding our Vision: “tobe the best way to pay and also be paid”

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 13, Inc. Today introduced “Everywhere you desire to be,” amulti-stakeholder communications platform that shows our ambition todeliver universal accessibility to’s secure, reliable and convenientdigital payments.

For decades,, the global digital payment network, has been drivenby a collection of ideals anchored in our vision of being the “best means to payand it is in paid.” This has increased in recent years to incorporate “foreveryone, everywhere.” by evolving our famed tagline - “It’s everywhereyou desire to be” - the agency is recommitting to this ideals and visionfor consumers, merchants, governments, financial organizations andemployees with a unified article tailored to every audience.

“We well-known that, because that the an initial time in’s 55-year history‘everywhere’ is currently within reach of ‘everyone,’” saidAntonio Lucio,’s chef brand officer. “New innovations, like mobile ande-commerce, are prolonging the value and also reach of for sure payments tonew people and places around the world. In ~ this crucial inflectionpoint in’s history, connecting come our heritage and vision to be apowerful and also irresistible idea.”

In the 21st century, “everywhere” transcends card intake atphysical locations. It’s about realizing potential and also achieving dreams.“Everywhere” now is pertinent for a farmer in Rwanda paying institution feeson his mobile phone, a jewelry designer in California marketing to aglobal online customer basic or a federal government official in Brazilrebuilding a village using a prepaid card.

“We will certainly express our vision to each of our audiences in means that aredirectly coherent to them,” Lucio said. “This platform speaks to ourdedication to adjust how we interact with all our partners, and also helpsunderscore the defining attributes of our business: convenience,reliability, security and also access, that together provide’s truevalue.”

New visual Identity, Advertising

With a brand-new tagline, and also a refreshed brand logo, isintroducing a brand-new visual identification for among the most known andpowerful brand in the world.

The first external expression of the new platform debuts this particular day with anew Olympic-themed television commercial airing in the unified States,and then widening to reach crucial audiences through selection of othertraditional and also digital networks in the comes months.’s first new spot under the “Everywhere you want to be”tagline is entitled “Flying,” and features U.S. Olympic women’s skijumping hopeful and also Team athlete,Sarah Hendrickson. The new brandplatform will certainly be lugged to life in’s Olympic-themed creative, andvia social and also digital extensions, by spotlighting athletes’ stories ofaccomplishment to help inspire viewers come imagine your own“everywhere.” has been a proud an international Partner that the OlympicGames for an ext than 27 years.

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“The brand-new platform is compelling since it includes strengths, past, present and future,” continued Lucio. “‘Everywhere’ includesthe tens of millions of vendor locations that accept today. It’salso the new ways and also places people want to pay, including mobile ande-commerce. ‘Everywhere’ is also a celebration of everyone’saspirations, from an athlete achieving her Olympic dream come a singlemother accessing her very first bank account ~ above a card.”

About is a global digital payment network the connects consumers,businesses, financial institutions, and governments in more than 200countries and territories to fast, secure and also reliable electronicpayments. Us operate one of the world’s most advanced processingnetworks - tacoemojishirt.comNet - that is capable of handling more than 47,000transaction messages a second, through fraud protection for consumer andassured payment because that merchants. is not a bank and does not issuecards, prolong credit or collection rates and fees because that consumers.’sinnovations, however, allow its financial institution customers tooffer consumers more choices: pay currently with debit, front of time withprepaid or later with credit products. For an ext information,