Just looking google - the thickness of human being fat seems to it is in 0.918 g/cm3 = 0.0332 lb/in3.

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1 lb / 0.0332 lb/in3 = 30.1 in3

Volume of round = (4/3)pir3 = 30.1 (solve because that r)

A one pound ball of human fat would be about 3 7/8" in diameter.

photo the 1 pound of fat next to coffee mug

more comparison picture here:


First, ascertain the thickness of fat -- different sources speak 0.9g/ml, 0.94g/ml, 0.918g/ml... Let's pitch into the middle and assume approximately 0.92g/ml, the difference will probably be lost right into rounding errors along the method anyway.

So following we need to convert units - 1lb in grams is 453.6g, and dividing by that thickness figure offers us a volume the a hair end 493ml... Around 1 united state pint.

Next, take the equation because that the volume that a sphere, V = 4/3 * pi * r3

Our volume V is 493 cm3 (1ml = 1cm3, by definition), so...

493 = 4/3 * pi * r3

117.7 = r3

r = 4.9cm

So 1lb that fat would certainly be a sphere with a radius of 4.9cm, or roughly 2 inches.

But this other comment provides two times the result. Who's right?

Edit: the course, both room right.

For some factor I review this as "one pound of person fart", which go out my mind as soon as I review it would certainly be the dimension of a softball. Then ns realized the mistake i made.

Of course this does pose the question, "how huge would 1 lb of person farts be?", which ns am weird curious about now.

Of food this does attitude the question, "how large would 1 pound of person farts be?", which ns am strangely curious around now.

Being a gas, the volume would certainly be very dependent ~ above temperature and pressure, and also the particular composition that the farts in question. If it were same in density to wait at typical temperature/pressure then you'd obtain a ball with a radius of about 45cm

But farts are probably lighter than air - methane definitely is. If the farts to be pure methane climate you obtain a round with a radius of roughly 55cm. Farts being a mixture that gases, it's most likely somewhere in the middle, yet in any type of case you're looking at a sphere around a metre throughout the middle.

I imagine it would certainly occupy less room while under push in her intestine though.

also save in mind that when you have actually excess load its not all fat. You are probably thinking "this is what I shed when I shed 1 lb) however really only around 3/5 that it will certainly be pure fat.

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WolframAlpha is really great at computations favor this: (1 lb)/(density of human being fat).