June 2015- All new construction tasks must start utilizing the new SWPPP theme on the Stormwater Permit information Tab. The revision consists of required inclusions of added information needed for use of the PermiTrack ESC digital inspection portal.
The City of hot Springs Stormwater division will be hosting the an ar 6 annual EPA Stormwater Conference. It will certainly be located at the warm Springs Convention Center, October 18-23, 2015. An ext details to come! Meanwhile, call Stormwater Coordinator, Jessica Johnson, 501-321-6743 for much more information.

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On July 7, 2014- All active construction web page must start using the revised City of hot Springs investigate Form. Every sites that are proactively permitted will be provided with these new forms. Any brand-new construction tasks should incorporate this inspection form with submittals, and additionally begin utilizing the updated SWPPP template. Both are available on the tab come the left labeling Stormwater allow Information. If you have actually questions around these brand-new forms or revisions, please call Jessica Johnson, 321-6743.
CMSHS students partner with Wal-Mart Corporation and Stormwater division by installing storm drain markers

HOT SPRINGS – Cutter Morning Star High college students Dusteen Sieck, 11th grade and also Savanna Palmer, 10th grade download a storm drainpipe marker in ~ the main Avenue Wal-Mart while keep manager Ted Parks and City of warm Springs Stormwater Coordinator Jessica Johnson consult map that the store’s storm drain inlets. The markers were set up as part of a partnership in between Cutter Morning Star High school volunteers, the main Avenue and also Albert Pike Wal-Mart stores, warm Springs Sam’s Club and the Stormwater Division. The markers bear the inscription, “No Dumping – Drains come Lake.”The storm drain marking efforts underscore the truth that stormwater, or rainwater, runoff is not filtered or treated before entering the nearest present or lake. Therefore, any debris or potential pollutants left exterior uncovered or ~ above the ground can be to wash away during a rain event and end increase in area streams, creeks or lakes. The markers will serve come educate save patrons to be mindful of what goes right into a storm drain. Because that information, call Johnson at 321-6743.

Ted Parks, central Avenue Wal-Mart keep Manager, Robert Hayes, Albert Pike Wal-Mart store Manager, Jessica Johnson, City of warm Springs Stormwater Coordinator and Max Sestili, City of hot Springs Stormwater Manager, announcement a partnership v Cutter Morning Star High institution to download storm drain markers at hot Springs’ 2 Wal-Mart locations and Sam’s Club. No pictured is Robert Jones, hot Springs Sam’s society Manager.

HOTSPRINGS – Wal-Mart Corporation, having developed one the the the strongest corporatestormwater program in the nation, has actually agreed to companion with the City of HotSprings’ Stormwater division to mark storm drains at their 3 storelocations within city limits.

Cutter Morning Star High institution students have actually volunteered toperform the installation of storm drainpipe markers in ~ the Wal-Mart Superstores onCentral Avenue and also Albert Pike and the Sam’s society on Higdon Ferry Road.The mite bear the inscription, “No Dumping – Drains to Lake.”

The storm drainpipe marking efforts underscore the reality thatstormwater, or rainwater, runoff is not filtered or treated prior to enteringthe nearest currently or lake. Therefore, any pollutants left exterior uncovered oron the ground could be wash away throughout a rain storm and also end increase in areastreams, creeks or lakes. The markers will certainly serve come educate keep patrons come bemindful that what goes under a storm drain.

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The City of hot Springs is well-known as the an initial and onlyQualifying regional Program in the state through the Arkansas room ofEnvironmental quality (ADEQ). Warm Springs’ stormwater regime exceeds the U.S.Environmental security Agency’s phase II Clean Water plot guidelines. For moreinformation, call Stormwater Coordinator Jessica Johnson at 321-6743.