Walmart, the largest private employee in the country, has actually a reputation as a disastrous place come work and is often targeted by activists for its low wages and unfair job practices. Although some of these cases have merit (for example, sales associates generally make simply $9 an hour, according to value data native Glassdoor), over there are plenty of Walmart employees who report high job satisfaction and high paychecks.

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Walmart, the largest private employer in the country, has a reputation together a devastating place to work and is regularly targeted by activists because that its short wages and unfair labor practices. Although few of these cases have merit (for example, sales associates typically make just $9 one hour, according to value data from Glassdoor), over there are countless Walmart employees that report high project satisfaction and also high paychecks.

If you"re reasoning about pursuing a job at Walmart, or curious just how your project compares, right here are the five best and also five worst jobs at Walmart.

Best work at Walmart

Even though Walmart has actually a reputation together a low-paying and also demanding employer, there are some jobs that pay really well and report high employee satisfaction — specifically if you space in management. Here are the peak five best jobs in ~ Walmart.

1. Store Manager

Store manager is one of the best jobs you deserve to land in ~ Walmart, according to Joni Holderman, a skilled resume writer and also founder of Thrive! Resumes. "Few civilization realize that Walmart store managers can earn $150k to $250k-plus per year in salary and bonus — if their store achieves every its power targets," she said.

A previous Walmart keep manager, who operated for the agency for much more than eight years, created in a evaluation on Glassdoor the Walmart has a "great compensation package" and also gives girlfriend "a chance to work-related with a diverse group of associates and customers."

While employee satisfaction prices are high and also the pay is great, this project does not come without its stressors. Store managers run the display — supervising all employees, meeting financial goals, enforcing regulations (yes, that includes firing people), delegating work, tracking inventory, evaluating sales data, processing payroll and also coordinating goods shipments. It"s a huge job, however it can come with a nice, big paycheck.

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2. Assistant Manager

Walmart assistant supervisors average $45,000 a year, i m sorry is ideal on target for the national mean salary, follow to Glassdoor value data. If you factor in bonuses and additional compensation, the mean pay increases to $48,311 a year.

Assistant supervisors must have actually at the very least two years of university experience, or one year the retail and one year that supervisory experience. Project duties incorporate meeting store sales and also financial performance goals, ensuring compliance with procedures, managing and also supervising associates, and enforcing customer company guidelines.

While this could seem choose a the majority of responsibility because that an assistant role, it"s great opportunity to get experience andclimb the job ladder. One previous assistant manager in Amarillo, Texas, wrote in a review on Glassdoor the Walmart is a "great ar to learn a skill and also grow her resume, or thrive with the company."

3. Change Manager

Shift supervisors at Walmart make an median base salary of simply over $65,000, i beg your pardon is 8 percent over the nationwide average, follow to Glassdoor. The complete compensation jumps to practically $78,000 after ~ factoring in the $18,000 cash bonus, $3,200 stock bonus and other financial rewards.

A current change manager in ras Vegas composed on Glassdoor that the "salary for administration is great," and also a former shift manager in big Spring, Texas, additionally wrote the Walmart is a "good firm for beginners" — they "work with your schedule" and "teach you the basics."

Shift managers have complained on Glassdoor around long days, challenging work-life balance and heavy workload linked with this job, however this position topped the list due to the fact that there are an excellent advancement opportunities for those who can not have actually a degree. Plus, the pay is well above average.

4. Pharmacy Manager

The usual pharmacy manager in ~ Walmart makes around $139,000 a year, i beg your pardon is 4 percent above the nationwide average, follow to Glassdoor data. As soon as bonuses, favor an average yearly $23,800 cash bonus, space factored in, pharmacy managers make closer come $160,000 a year.

Pharmacy supervisors are responsible because that driving sales and also increasing profit in Walmart pharmacies and also over-the-counter areas. They should ensure confidentiality of client information and assigned records, model and also enforce the company"s customer organization guidelines, and oversee and implement ar outreach programs. This job isn"t simply for anyone turn off the street either — Walmart pharmacy mangers must host a Bachelor of science in pharmacy or PharmD and also carry a pharmacy license.

A present pharmacy manager in Albuquerque, N.M., stated on Glassdoor, "I prefer this job much better than any kind of other sleeve I"ve been at." other current and former employees said they sometimes challenge stressful and busy environments, long hours and also demanding workloads. Still, this job is one of the best at Walmart due to the fact that of that stability, an excellent benefits, room for career advance and excellent compensation.

5. Stimulate Filler

Order filler at Walmart make an median of around $38,000 a year, follow to Glassdoor. There is also extr annual compensation, like a $2,600 typical cash bonus, $1,200 share bonus, $1,100 profit-sharing and $220 commission-sharing. Order fillers are additionally eligible to make overtime, which can push compensation approximately over $35 an hour.

Order fillers work-related out that Walmart distribution centers and also are responsible for moving merchandise onto the company"s fleet of delivery trucks and also keeping the warehouse organized. This can involve working off hours and operating machinery in a fast-paced environment. An order filler native Buckeye, Ariz., claimed on Glassdoor "everything about this project is good" and also that Walmart is a "great place to begin a career."

Order fillers room 21 percent more joy than other Walmart employees, follow to job search and also review website job Bliss. A former order filler native Brundidge, Ala., report to undoubtedly that the pay and benefits were good, yet the job had "long hours." despite the hours, this project made the list of top work at Walmart since it"s a relatively high-paying entry-level place that doesn"t require interacting with disgruntled client or regulating employees.

Worst tasks at Walmart

These 5 Walmart work made the list of the worst due to the largest pay gaps contrasted to management, high levels of tension and little room for career advancement. Click v to uncover out which Walmart work are the worst.

1. Cashier

Cashiers at Walmart space responsible because that scanning, bagging and loading merchandise at the checkout. Walmart cashier hourly wages selection from $7 to $17, through the mean falling in ~ $9 an hour, which is "not bad out of high school, however hardly enough to live past that," follow to one former employee top top Glassdoor.

Employees likewise say the job entails a lot of stress, is an extremely physically demanding and hours get cut during slow seasons, follow to evaluate on Glassdoor. Cashiers also must achieve the "Item every Hour" and "Scanning" percentage goal, which can add to the demands and stress linked with this role.

One Glassdoor reviewer listed out their least favorite parts of the job, including "Hard to work for short pay, hours have the right to be horrible particularly for cashiers, late nights and early mornings…" Cashiers at Walmart also face monotonous tasks, lengthy lines of customers and, together one previous Walmart cashier in Junction City, Kan., wrote, "The customers space not always the the happiest of people."

2. Inventory control Specialist

Inventory regulate specialists at Walmart work greatly in the back room the the store and are responsible for every inventory that comes in and out, and transporting merchandise come the sales floor utilizing forklifts or pallet jacks. Based on 92 salary reports indigenous Walmart employees, the usual Walmart inventory manage specialist hourly rate is $10, i beg your pardon is 100 percent below the nationwide average, follow to Glassdoor. As soon as factoring in bonuses and added compensation, the salary only rises to $20,396 a year.

Inventory regulate specialists are 37 percent less happy than various other employees at Walmart, follow to job Bliss. Employee in this function report they feel understaffed and also overworked, and also that work-life balance is "severely skewed," follow to Glassdoor reviews. The hours have the right to be long and also late, and also one former employee claimed on Glassdoor the they maintained the team "stocking previous 1 am due to the fact that they didn"t have enough civilization that night."

4. Sales Associate

Based off an ext than 1,100 employee reviews, Glassdoor reported the Walmart"s present sales associates earn just $9.31 one hour. The typical salary is $9 one hour, or $18,750 a year, i beg your pardon is 100 percent below the nationwide average. Not only is the pay low, however sales associates also have some unpleasant job responsibilities, consisting of cleaning all locations of the store, performing regimen maintenance ~ above machines and also other equipment, retrieving abandoned keep carts, bagging customer purchases and also stocking merchandise.

One current sales combine in Elkton, Md., said on Glassdoor the atmosphere is "friendly," but chances of promo are "slim." one more sales associate in Clinton Township, Mich., does not choose "dealing with rude customers and rude people." provided the short pay, few opportunities for advance and unsavory job duties, this task ranks among the worst ~ above this list.

5. Customer organization Manager

This is the one management function that do the perform of worst tasks at Walmart. In enhancement to making just $22,470 a year, a far cry from the national mean of $51,600 for the same duty elsewhere, Walmart"s customer business managers are required to meet a wide selection of duties and hold a most responsibility.

A customer business manager security a an excellent deal of time enforcing ideal operations in the store, follow to its task description. This consists of getting readjust for cashiers, preparing cash registers and auditing registers because that shortages. Castle must additionally handle customer complaints and also concerns, as well as training employees.

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Glassdoor reviewers who operated as customer business managers said they were overworked, understaffed and also underpaid. A existing customer business manager in port Orange, Fla., wrote, "Hours are cut to the bone constantly and the store is chronically under-staffed, even throughout holidays and also peak sales hours."

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