Sega and also The creative Assembly announced today that the upcoming Total War: Warhammer will be released on April 28th, 2016, exclusively for PC.

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Alongside the release information, we also get wind of the pre-order bonus, that will come in the form of the Chaos Warriors race pack. It’s likely that it’ll become accessible for a price for those the didn’t pre-order together Sega typically does, however if friend pre-order you’ll gain it for free. Incidentally, the trailer at the bottom of the post focuses precisely on the warrior of Chaos.

Pre-orders space already easily accessible on Steam.

Moving on, we likewise get info on the High King Edition, modeled after ~ the publication of Grudges. This is what it will include.

Grudge Ring: This quality metal ring, through a rotating inner band is perfect come spin whilst brooding over grudges and also plotting revenge. Six numbered bevels top top the inner hoop permit the ring to twin as a totally functioning die.Slayer’s Whetstone Pendant: made of genuine, useful whetstone and inscribed through the talismanic grasp Rune that Spite, this hefty trinket would certainly be treasured and jealously guarded by any type of self-respecting Slayer, who aims to keep a keen leaf on your blades.Dwarfen drink Horn & Stand: Toast your victories v this beautifully decorated drink horn; wrought through icons and sigils in the Dwarfen craftsman style. Suitable for both display and also practical use, it can hold a full pint and comes complete with that own unique metal display screen stand. You re welcome note, liquid cannot it is in ‘sipped’ native this drinking horn, it may only be ‘quaffed’.Canvas Map: arrangement your campaigns of occupation as any type of High King must with this gorgeously illustrated canvas map the the video game world.Integrated Artbook: integrated into the High King Edition’s impressive packaging is a huge art book featuring exclusive concepts.Metal Case: defend your video game disks indigenous the perilous dangers of the Old people with this exclusive steel case.Insider Guide: A published strategy guide for total War: WARHAMMER; this publication will assist get you began with the game and also offers invaluable tactical advice to help you dominate the battlefields of the Old World.


This ultra-limited edition will expense you£99.99.

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A much more humane restricted Edition will additionally be available, includingthe steel case and also the insider guide.