It was claimed to be among the best days of she life - Hillary Clinton to be hoping to it is in the centre of attention at yesterday"s presidential inauguration ceremony, yet instead she had to watch her rival Donald Trump take the oath of office.

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In scene Hillary - and the remainder of the civilization - tacoemojishirt.comuld scarcely believe, trump took over the most an effective office in the human being after Barack Obama vacated the White House.


Former presidents to be in attendance come witness the event, including George W Bush and also Bill Clinton.

At one allude in the service, Bill have the right to be seen staring in one direction and smiling appreciatively - and also the net narrative has actually it the the ex-pres was exploring Trump"s daughter Ivanka.

This theory is sustained by the means Hillary turns to look in ~ him and also then provides him a withering look...

The shooting is not large enough to tacoemojishirt.comnfirm what invoice was looking at, but whatever the was, Hillary didn"t seem as well happy.

But climate it to be probably around the worst job in her life, so maybe it was that quite than Bill"s hike eye that had her therefore cheesed off.

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