Starting Friday September 7th ~ above RTÉ Two, Hell on Wheels is a gritty brand-new drama certification Colm Meaney and Dominique McEligott. John Byrne reports.

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Yep, it"s a western. Hell top top Wheels tells an epic story of post-Civil war America, concentrating on Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), a previous Confederate soldier search revenge ~ above the Union soldiers who killed his wife. His journey takes that west to Hell on Wheels, a lawless town that travels with and services the building and construction of the USA’s an initial transcontinental railroad.

From AMC, the machines of hit dramas such as Mad Men and The go Dead, the present depicts a dangerous melt pot. Top top the journey, Hell on Wheels chronicles a major turning point in the background of the United states as The Wild West is domesticated – yet at a price.

From an irish perspective, the cast includes a duo that Dubliners: Colm Meaney and also Hollywood freshman Dominique McElligott. But will Hell ~ above Wheels be any kind of good? Well, the tagline claims it all: Blood will be spilled. Stays will it is in lost. Men will be ruined.

This is not Bonanza or Dr Quinn, medication Woman.

Meet the actors . . .

Anson mount is Cullen Bohannon


A former Confederate soldier tho fighting his own an individual war, Cullen Bohannon do a residence in Hell on wheel while hunting down the men responsible for the killing of his family. When Cullen killing an innocent man in the name of vengeance, he abandons both his mission and also the railroad. Currently on the run, Cullen is when again without home, family, or country. But just as he deserve to never truly escape his past, that is much from cost-free of Hell on Wheels.

Colm Meaney is cutting board ‘Doc’ Durant


Thomas ‘Doc’ Durant, based upon a actual life character, is an entrepreneur taking full benefit of the changing times together the railroad opens up up the as soon as ‘Wild’ west United states of America. As the rail races in the direction of the Rockies, Durant do the efforts to to fill his pockets when cementing his location in history.

Common is Elam Ferguson


An emancipated slave born the a white master and a servant mother, Elam is a man with no house or people to contact his own. ~ above the rail he is empowered by a gun and a fearlessness yet finds he will need much more to knife the respect he craves. Elam and Cullen’s fates are bound together, not only by their typical Southern roots, but likewise by circumstance.

Dominique McElligott is Lily Bell


Lily Bell is a young widow making she own method in a people that has actually no ar for her. Once the challenge of the railroad, she now struggles to uncover her location in an enterprise ruled by men. Having adopted her husband’s dream, Lily commits to see the railroad through to completion, however must address the ethical sacrifices that such an endeavour demands.

Tom Noonan is Reverend Cole


Reformed indigenous a life of violence and alcohol, Reverend Cole turned come God. ~ serving as a minister for the Union military in the civil War, Cole is ailing of the slaughter; the genuinely wants to aid the whites and Indians avoid another war. That takes increase a divine mission of conversion and peace to avoid the annihilation the the indigenous race.

Eddie Spears is Joseph black Moon


A Cheyenne Indian who has actually convetacoemojishirt.comd come Christianity, Joseph has been studying and also preaching under Reverend Cole, his embraced father. The clash between his new faith and cultural heritage is further facility when Joseph engages in a romantic relationship with Cole’s daughter, Ruth, forcing him come face brand-new and even more complicated prejudices in Hell ~ above Wheels.

Ben Esler is Sean McGinnes


Phil Burke is Mickey McGinnes


As young ireland immigrants who’ve come west to find their fortune, Sean and also Mickey McGinnes have battled tooth and nail to survive in Hell top top Wheels. Unsatisfied through the little success of their magic lantern business, your sights are forever collection on the following enterprise. Cracks build in the brothers" partnership as they manipulate business methods in Hell top top Wheels, using more and an ext underhanded tactics. As Sean comes more into his very own as a fledgling entrepreneur, Mickey should decide how far he’s ready to go to appease his brother.

Christopher Heyerdahl is Thor Gundersen


Known as ‘The Swede’ regardless of his Norwegian heritage, Gundersen to be appointed head of defense of Hell on Wheels, keeping a sembleance of stimulate in the rail town. A guy of puritan simplicity and a survivor through nature - he survived the horrors of a Confederate POW camp throughout the Civil war — the is convinced that Bohannon is a murderer and becomes obsessed with bringing him to justice.

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Robin McLeavy is Eva


A former Indian captive rotate prostitute, Eva has actually now discovered a quiet life as the wife of railroad worker, mr Toole. However, Eva’s past constantly haunts she – she still bears the native facial tattoos from she time in captivity and also is tho in love v emancipated slave, Elam Ferguson. Once Eva and also Elam space reunited, Eva find herself torn between him and a an ext simple life.