A suburban pair becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that your seemingly perfect new neighbors are federal government spies.

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Genre: Movies, Spy, Action, Comedy

Actors: Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm

Director: Greg Mottola

Country: joined States

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allied soldiers native Belgium, the brother Empire, Canada and France space surrounded by the German army and evacuated throughout a fierce battle in world War II.

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Blade of the Immortal

Manji, a highly professional samurai, i do not care cursed through immortality after ~ a legendary battle. Haunted by the brutal murder of his sister, Manji knows that only fighting angry will reclaim his soul. He promises to aid a young girl called Rin avenge she parents, who were killed by a group of grasp swordsmen led by ruthless warrior Anotsu. The mission will readjust Manji in ways he might never imagine - the 100th film by grasp director Takashi Miike.

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body are transforming up roughly the city, each having actually met a unique gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points come one suspect: john Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead because that over 10 years.

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The widow the a way professor stumbles upon among his developments that"s able come record and also play a person"s memory.

1920, rural Ireland. Anglo ireland twins Rachel and also Edward re-superstructure a strange visibility in their crumbling family estate. Each night, the property becomes the domain the a sinister existence (The Lodgers) which enforces 3 rules upon the twins: they must be in bed by midnight; they might not allow an outsider previous the threshold; if one attempts come escape, the life of the various other is inserted in jeopardy.

Devil"s Tree: Rooted angry is about an aspiring journalist called Sam that finds a Tree with a an extremely dark history. As her very own past has actually has demons that continue to haunt her, she at some point finds out what haunts this ominous Tree. Loosely based upon real events, the actual Tree still stands today. This film takes you on a ride out of the realm of fantasy and also into the kingdom of true Evil.

A Heffley household road pilgrimage to to visit Meemaw"s 90th birthday party walk hilariously turn off course thanks to Greg"s newest scheme to get to a video gaming convention.

The motivating true love story of Robin and Diana Cavendish, one adventurous pair who refuse to offer up in the confront of a disastrous disease. Your heartwarming solemn event of human being possibility clues the directorial debut the Andy Serkis.

A rookie detective, son of a dead disgraced cop, works to resolve his first major case while under the watchful eye that a ghost-like assassin.

A veteran tracker with the Fish and Wildlife company helps to inspection the killing of a young indigenous American woman, and also uses the instance as a way of seeking redemption because that an previously act that irresponsibility which finished in tragedy.

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