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So ns the DM for a team of 5 players. One pf the players is a monk and decided come go sun soul. This player recently concerned me and complained about feeling underpowered. In ~ this suggest in the game all the players space level 6 and the monk player is law pitiful damage compared to the other PC’s. The other characters are one oath that ancients paladin, a fiend warlock, evocation wizard, and also an eldritch knight. Mine main problem is just how to do the monk player actually do something useful for the party. I’m open up to homebrew.

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I discover sun spirit to be fairly underpowered compared to various other monk subclasses, however the bigger problem is probably that as soon as you get into tier 2+, monks shed some of their edge in damage and also get some battlefield manage ability.

It additionally depends top top how plenty of battles your party is acquisition per short/long rest. Though the party seems reasonably well balanced between long and short rest classes, it"s possible the monk is just comparing themselves to every of the others at the others" best.

We usedthe standard array

Monk PC


DEX 18

CON 14

INT 11

WIS 15

CHA 13

Wizard PC


DEX 12

CON 14

INT 18

WIS 13

CHA 12

Paladin PC

STR 16

DEX 10

CON 14

INT 10

WIS 13

CHA 14

Warlock PC


DEX 10

CON 16

INT 12

WIS 14

CHA 18

Fighter PC

STR 17


CON 14

INT 14

WIS 10

CHA 12

So the monk has actually 15AC, 45HP, has actually 45 feet that movement, and can carry out (30) 4d6+16 radiant damages from 30 feet away per turn. And feels worse to the warlock with 10 AC, 51 HP, through 30 movement, with (19) 2d10+8 force damages (26 damages with hex) in ~ 120 feet?

Other 보다 range, the monk need to out every little thing the warlock. The paladin and also wizard could do much more burst damage, yet will run out faster. Over there isn"t a rogue to difficulty the monk in stealth or mobility.

Sun heart is ~ above par with any other monk subclass, it simply specializes in variety and aoe.

Monk (all sub-classes) is just a class that rewards intelligent play, and also shines much more and an ext the greater you go with it. Evaluate from the statistics alone, ns wouldsuspect player decision-making to it is in the resource of any kind of perceived inferiority.

You don"t recognize what are afraid is until you"ve experienced a drunk birddivebombing youwhile transferring a screaming Kobold throw fire anywhere and everywhere.

You have actually two components here, both are moving parts, together others have responded Monk needs dex and also wisdom to it is in high, and also con for those moments when a high ac is no substitute for the hitpoints to survive it. To summarise: If girlfriend dont have ridiculous stat numbers, monks deserve to seem a tiny underwhelming because of fragility or damage output.

The second component is you have actually an evocation magician - IE: a miracle shotgun. A fiendlock - IE: a magical machine gun v underbarrel grenade launcher. And also the Ancients paladin, who regardless of being the only real tank uneven your monk is the one in front, and I guess: v the just healing due to the fact that there ~ no anyone else is probably using either a two handed weapon or spell slots on smites, due to the fact that otherwise the Monk player shouldnt be emotion too negative in comparison. *If this is the case then, again as Lunali stated you might need come look at your encounter plan. One big fight will be detrimental to a short rest dependant character (in this case warlock and also monk) but enable the wizard and also paladin come purge all their slot in a muh much shorter time than would otherwise it is in possible.

How have the right to a monk do more damage? The easiest option is when you have an asi choose a feat the will carry out something - magic initiate - hex, will allow for up to an hour per day extra damage - yet at the cost of the bonus action it takes to collection it up, i beg your pardon isnt good on weak tide of enemies but multi round tough opponents will certainly be depleted faster.

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Unfortunately choose rogues, monks can discover themselves unable to out perform warriors in a generic terrainless battleground, i m sorry is only an issue if that disappoints the player. Yet in terrain that requires high speed, balancing on little surfaces (acrobatics) and also dropping from higher levels, the monks abilities mark them as superior. This is a shame if the fights only ever before take ar on even flat ground but that is miscellaneous within your remit to provide as a DM, the 2nd or 3rd time the monk skips throughout a rickety wire to drop a drawbridge, Ki dodging come avoid opponents or stunning the really nasty commander just to allow the party come cross and also enter the fight, nobody will treatment if the damage was equal - he just Jackie Chan Stunt doubled an encounter.