Miranda’s Feisty tune Brings top top The Fun

When it come time to relax the an initial single turn off of she album The weight of these Wings, Miranda Lambert went for the more emotional route.

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She exit “Vice,” which tells the story that a woman that goes native one vice to the next. The song’s music video was deep symbolic, as Lambert emerged from the wreckage the a auto accident to go off in quest of one more vice.

While numerous of the songs on The weight of this Wings are emotional prefer “Vice,” Lambert promised we’d check out some fun and also feisty song on the record as well. She ceded on the promise, particularly with the album’s second single “We must Be Friends.”

Y’all have the right to Relate to This

Released top top December 12, 2016, “We must Be Friends” to be written completely by Lambert. The tune features a peppy beat and fun-filled lyrics, as Lambert sings:

If you’re trying to find love however willing to fight, end men and mamas and also Miller Lite, fine then, we must be friends.

Considering the nature that the song, fans were totally expecting a sassy video clip from Lambert, similar in layout to several of her previous videos.

Just prefer fans had actually anticipated, the video clip is full of lighthearted fun and Lambert’s signature spunky attitude.

Getting beauty, beauty Schooled

The clip opens with Lambert walking right into to a small salon with one of her priceless pups in tow. The shop seems favor one interesting and also chaotic place, together one hairdresser deserve to be seen wrapping increase a girl’s hair in beer can curlers.

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Miranda Lambert / YouTube

As because that Lambert, she experience a full-blown makeover after her stylist expresses disgust at the vision of her messy updo. She gets every glammed up by the end of the video, sporting long, flowing waves and shimmery eye shadow.

Even her small pup it s okay a makeover!

Time for A Party!

The video clip ends v Lambert slipping right into a flattering new outfit, every the approval of the old females she made friends with. Together she leaves the salon, every one of the patrons and workers deserve to be seen having a full-out dance party. Now it is one method to end a video!

Miranda Lambert / YouTube

Lambert felt it was only proper to carry in a couple of of her real-life friends and also fellow songwriters because that the video. You can catch Natalie Hemby as the beer-chugging stylist and Waylon Payne together Lambert’s pedicure buddy.

Jump below to clock Lambert star in another sassy video with a couple of more of her friends…the gals in the Pistol Annies!