From the importance of assigning roles to the difference between submarines, here are some things about We Need To Go Deeper new players need to know.

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We need to go deeper game - Submarine caught by tentacle and game titles underwater
We Need To Go Deeper is a fun cooperative roguelike set beneath the ocean. Players work together to explore its vast depths in their very own submarine. This exploration game is a true gem, created by a small independent studio called Deli Interactive.

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It would appear that Jules Verne"s works inspired the creators. The game seems to be giving off much more of a Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea vibe than an Around the World in 80 Days one, though (due to the distinct lack of underwater travel in the latter novel). The game certainly fits into the 19th-century style, regardless, with its heavy emphasis on ostentatious hats and mustaches (fans of Deep Rock Galactic"s hilarious cosmetics will appreciate this). Now it is time to plunge deep into the mysterious depths of the undersea trench known as the Living Infinite. The game involves countless perilous voyages, so it is best to be prepared from your very first adventure.

We need to go deeper - Crevette, Requin and Perle Submarines
The standard submarine in the game is called the Crevette. It is a reliable vessel for a first voyage, but not the only option. Players can also pick the Requin, a far larger submarine with additional weapons. The Requin does have a distinct lack of shields to protect itself from foes, however. A third option is the Perle, which is suited for smaller crews. The Perle has less health than the others, but makes up for this with a stronger shield.

Additional submarines can also be unlocked throughout the game and purchased with the crew"s hard-earned gold. These new submarines include the speedy Espadon and the run-down Poubelle. Players can test each vessel out to discover its quirks and features, and will have a much better time with a craft that suits their playstyle. The variety of submarines allows players to mix things up and they are also worth upgrading during the adventure.

We need to go deeper - Engine room and crewmate in flooded weapons room
Before setting off, it"s important to know where everything is. Although the rooms might shift depending on the chosen submarine, there are consistent areas to get to grips with.

To begin, players should visit the engine room immediately. There are four power cores to divide up between the different consoles. The consoles control the lights, shields, engines, and cannons. Next, adventurers should find their way to the navigation room to plot a course. Meanwhile, the weapons room is where players can fire torpedoes. Finally, the bedroom isn"t just for sleeping: magical healing beds allow players to regain their health slowly, whilst also avoiding any actual work.

We need to go deeper - Four crewmates fighting a squid monster
A team of up to four crewmates can be assembled for this perilous voyage, although those that prefer to venture out alone can instead enlist the help of robotic companions. Either way, assigning roles is vital.

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There are three main tasks to keep an eye on during the journey. There is the pilot, tasked with navigating the murky depths and hopefully avoiding crashes. The engineer is key to the submarine"s integrity, fixing holes and keeping an eye on the engine"s power supply. The gunner helps to blast away the many enemies the crew might encounter, such as sharks. Communication and organization are key to this adventure. Players can switch their roles at any point, so be prepared for sudden mutinies.

We need to go deeper - Submarine escaping monsters and crewmates approaching a civilization
This roguelike experience is more welcoming to genre newcomers than some, but there"s still an element of RNG. The game is procedurally generated, ensuring that each adventure is randomized. There are a variety of locations the players might end up exploring. This includes gloomy caves and even underwater civilizations. Players can explore these locations on foot, if they dare face the wrath of creatures, monsters, and disgruntled shop keepers.

Despite these threats, such trips can be incredibly rewarding, as players can find new items, relics, and plenty of gold. All of this loot allows them to plunge deeper and deeper, in hopes of finding the very bottom of the Living Infinite.

A player will begin their adventure as a lowly Landlubber. They have barely traveled, they might not even have seen the ocean before, but their quest is about to begin. The further players explore and survive, the more experience points they can earn.

These experience points allow them to rise through the ranks from Landlubber to Captain and even beyond. Currently, there are 13 ranks, all with sub-ranks. Along the way, players will unlock increasingly useful items and upgrades for their submarines. More importantly, they will unlock additional fancy hats and costumes that are just as quirky as the costumes in Among Us. All of these rewards are key to surviving the harder-to-reach areas.

It is always convenient to have a medkit available when venturing out of the submarine (and away from those magical healing beds). These medkits heal teammates and even revive ones who have been killed.

There is even a ten percent chance of curing any illnesses a character might be suffering from. Is a crewmate in pain? Simply strike them over the head with a medical briefcase. This tool is available once a player reaches the third rank of Landlubber, and is a must-buy.

Throughout the daring adventures underneath the ocean, players will suffer from various afflictions. These will range from seasickness and hypothermia to more outlandish diseases, such as curses and a time plague.

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All hope is not lost, though, as dotted around the various underwater civilizations are special characters: doctors capable of curing anything. They offer a far more reliable way to cure those disruptive afflictions, but be wary: it is best not to anger the locals if wanting to use the doctor"s services. Looting and fighting are frowned upon under the sea.

While using the periscope, players can access a sonar function. This allows crewmates to keep track of various pieces of important information, such as the amount of fuel the submarine has left. It can also count the number of torpedoes that are stored and ready to fire. Keeping track of supplies is necessary to avoid being stranded or suffering a grisly fate. To that end, exploring the various caves and civilizations can help find additional fuel or weaponry for the submarine"s supplies.

Alongside this, players can see a wider view of the map in this mode, which updates in the form of short bursts. This feature helps fans navigate the darker biomes without needing to have the lights on, thus saving a power core to use elsewhere. The tactical view is also useful for locating caves to explore.

Before the start of a voyage, the host player can make adjustments to the experience. The challenge of the game can be increased or decreased, depending on what the crew would prefer. The host could create a more relaxing journey or plunge the crew into a grueling struggle for survival. The host can alter how much health everyone has, the rate of fuel depletion, and much more. One of the most useful alterations is the ability to start with a backpack.

Usually, backpacks are only found through exploration. They allow a crewmate to hold more than one item at a time, which is a real advantage. Although fun, these custom perks or hindrances will disable the ability to progress in the game. Tools and experience gained during this game mode also do not count, so take note of that.

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Deli Interactive recently announced a roadmap for 2021, which has included some exciting updates to the game. The first update was released this week, introducing a new submarine called the Atomique, which has been described as a "nuclear powerhouse."

The roadmap also revealed that another content update is in the works. Although no concrete details have been provided yet, it is a great sign that the studio is investing more time into adding new encounters and features. Players will be looking forward to diving into those soon.

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