FORTNITE Season 9 is in full swing, which means the very first hidden loading screen has to be revealed by epic Games.

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Fortnite Season 9, week 1 loading display (Image: epos GAMES)

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Fortnitefans deserve to unlock a secret Battle Star by tacoemojishirt.commpleting the entire set of Season 9, week 1 challenges.

Epic games releases seven battle Royale obstacles each week. 3 of the weekly challenges are available for tacoemojishirt.commplimentary and the other four challenges are exclude, to fight Pass users.

The difficulties are additionally separated into hard and regular tiers that difficulty.

The hard difficulty Fortnite challenges net players ten battle Stars, while the tacoemojishirt.comntinuous tasks reward fans with five fight Stars.

Earning fight Stars level up your battle Pass, which is how you unlock all of the skins, emotes and also items accessible with the battle Pass.

If you tacoemojishirt.commplete all of the weekly challenges you"ll also unlock a unique Fortnite loading screen, which includes a reservation to an additional Battle Star or Banner.

The week 1 loading display screen - which deserve to be seen above - watch Velocity laying waste tacoemojishirt.comme her adversaries with a minigun.

The clue deserve to be distacoemojishirt.comvered on the gun itself, in the type of a tacoemojishirt.comllection of map We"ve circled the clue listed below to offer you a better look.


Fortnite main 1 loading display features map (Image: epos GAMES)


Fortnite hidden loading screen mystery Battle star map ar (Image: epos GAMES)

The minigun map straight players to whereby the grid tacoemojishirt.comnverges top top I5, I6, J5, and J6 that the map.

This is simply south that Lonely Lodge in the room we"ve marked with a overtacoemojishirt.comme on the map above.

It"s precious remembering that you"ll require to finish ten to adjust of weekly difficulties to unlock this particular loading screen and find the fight Star.

Once you"ve untacoemojishirt.comvered the battle Star, make certain you end up your game to unlock your reward.

As a reminder, the Season 9, main 1 challenges can be viewed below...

Fortnite: main season nine battle pass overview

Fortnite Season 9, main 1 free challenges...

• stage 1 of 2: ride the Slipstream approximately Neo Tilted (1)

- phase 2 that 2: drive the Slipstream about Mega shopping center (1)

• Visit all sky Platforms (7)

• Deal damage to an opponent within 10 secs after using a zero Bomb (200)

Fortnite Season 9, mainly 1 battle PASS challenges...

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• Pickup a legendary Item in various matches (5)

• search chests at happy Landing or loot Lake (7)

• Stacoemojishirt.comped Weapon Eliminations (3)

• stage 1 the 3: Deal damage to opponents from at the very least two stories above (300)

- phase 2 that 3: Deal damages to opponents from in ~ least four stories over (200)

- phase 3 that 3: Deal damage to opponents from at the very least six stories over (100)

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