Suggested level: 27

Group: Witcher Contracts

Location: Skellige

You can start this pursuit by reading the "Missing Miners" contract posted on the Blandare notification Board or by evaluating the bodies close to the Miners" Camp signpost.

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Young guys from the village of Blandare had ventured into the surrounding mountains in search of silver. It appeared their exploration had taken an unfortunately turn, but - and the witcher to be tasked through uncovering your fate.

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1. Talk to the town elder in Blandare.

If you have actually read the contract post on the board, you have to then go to the regional ealdorman - Gjarr, who will phone call you about the lacking miners. Friend will additionally be able come haggle with him - 271+ crowns.

2. Take trip to the absent miners" camp. / inspection the area about the missing miners" camp making use of your Witcher Senses.

Travel come Miners" Camp signpost. Friend will find some footprints there.

Follow the footprints and examine the clues found along the way, such as the body of one of the miners...

...broken trees and also traces left by someone who had actually to crawl.

You"ll ultimately get come the Troll"s cave entrance. Once you also examine the crushed person bones lie in front of the cave, friend should come to the conclusion that you are dealing with a absent troll. If girlfriend haven"t examined the ideas along the way, just go into the cave and you will satisfy Wham-a-Wham there.

It turned the end a rock troll had taken residence in the caves close to Blandare. Though such trolls are, in a particular sense, thinking beings, castle are regularly unthinkingly cruel and also violent in your dealings through men.

3. Speak to the absent troll and also decide his fate.

When you strategy the troll, you will be attacked by it. It"s ideal not come let him acquire close come you and after a when the troll will certainly calm down and you will start talking. He will tell you around the miners who broke into the cave, the is, his house and did not desire to leaving it as soon as he asked them to. You must decide even if it is you want to leaving the troll lively or try to death it.

If you decide to leave the troll alive, girlfriend will obtain from that 50 crowns, 25 XP, and 2 x silver- ore.

It appeared the absent troll was responsible for the Blandare miners" deaths. Though they knew the cavern was inhabited and also the troll warned them that did not take kindly to uninvited guests, the miners were no deterred. Greed had driven them to hazard their stays for a couple of hunks the ore.

3.1. (Optional) call the town elder in Blandare what occurred to the missing miners.

If friend left the troll alive, go back to Gjarr and inform him about the fate the the missing miners and around the troll. He will be unhappy that you did no kill the troll, so you will just receive 50 crowns, and 100 XP native him.

Geralt decided that the troll had actually a appropriate to defend its home and did not deserve come die. This normally did no sit well v the villagers who had issued the contract, and also they refused to pay the witcher a solitary copper. And also so, not for the first time, Geralt walked far from a job empty-handed, conserve for the solace of having listened to his conscience.

3.2. (Optional) kill the absent troll. / take it a trophy from the rock troll. / collect your reward.

If you select to kill the troll (he is lvl 35), you"ll get the Cave troll trophy (5% Bonus endure from monsters), Caroline (relic stole sword), and Troll mutagen.

The go inform Gjarr. He"ll it is in pleased and you will get the quantity of money you have agreed to and also 200 XP.

Geralt defeated the rock troll and took that head come Blandare. He to be justly rewarded because that his initiatives - and also the villagers could now mine silver- in peace and enjoy the steady revenue that entailed. In brief, everyone had reason to cheer... Except for the troll, that is.

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