by Shanon WinstonShanon Winston is a Jumpstart Alum and student in ~ California State university (CSU) that Fullerton obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in wellness Science. She is additionally a Volunteer Coordinator v AmeriCorps at west Youth services where she is helping to develop the volunteer regimen through business relationships, recruiting, fundraising, and also community engagement.

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What space you doing because that others?"”~ Dr. Young name Luther King, Jr.

I have always been a solid believer the it is far better to provide than to receive. Ns have constantly enjoyed help others however what i enjoy much more is once I know that what ns am doing services someone else. This return top top the investment of one’s time and also effort is worth an ext than anything money have the right to buy; ns feel good afterwards and others walk away knowing that someone cares.

This Monday, January 19, is martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a an effective day whereby millions of human being come with each other in service and dialogue. National service is very important come me because I’ve seen first-hand the you deserve to truly do a large-scale influence while building relationships and understanding the demands of your own community. The an ext relationships you build, the stronger your involvement, and also the much more skills friend acquire. The gratification girlfriend feel urges you to continue serving, simply as it has done because that me.

My very first true endure with neighborhood giving in a nationwide program setting was with Jumpstart in my an initial and third years of college. Back my major was in the health field, I observed a flyer top top campus declaring the Jumpstart program and also it sparked my interest in working through children. My student in the first year year I started as a Corps member on a team of six various other college students, learning that I want to flourish in service, but not together confident as to how ns would have the ability to do that. Jumpstart was the answer to my expansion as a neighborhood member and also leader!

Through the Jumpstart regime I not only had the possibility to work-related with my companion child, but with his family, his teachers, and also of course my team and the Jumpstart staff. One of my favorite moments was seeing my partner child’s parents thank me because that helping the to come to be a an ext focused reader and have the capability to express his words much more clearly. Ns was also honored to have CSU film several of the time I spent in the Jumpstart great to usage as footage for to teach child-initiated play.

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My experience with Jumpstart lugged me closer to mine peers, gave me the confidence the I could do anything, boosted my leadership and team building skills, and inspired me to proceed to offer in the safety and also health field.

Like me, countless of the civilization I operated with with the Jumpstart routine went on to come to be professionals, volunteers, and also advocates in the field of education. My endure with Jumpstart carried me closer to my peers, provided me the confidence the I might do anything, improved my leadership and team building skills, and also inspired me to continue to offer in the safety and health field. In addition to now working together a Volunteer Coordinator with AmeriCorps at western Youth Services, ns have additionally served for two years top top the plank for the Orange County chapter of the American culture of Safety designers (ASSE).

I am inspired by new things every day, but organization is certainly at the height of my list. I am a huge believer in national service and Jumpstart helped me have actually the confidence to come to be a leader not only in mine community however to spread out by wings and think even more nationally. Ns couldn’t agree much more that boy name Luther King, Jr. Job is absolutely not a job off, however a work on. It is a day to reflect on every one of the amazing leaders of our past, present, and also future. Ns am honored to it is in a Jumpstart alum and hope that others will sign up with me top top their very own journey of nationwide service and also celebrate this martin Luther King, Jr. Day!