Its same to speak that Tanner Braungardt is one of the greatest up and coming YouTubers out there. Tanner creates several of the most entertaining videos that incorporate his love for trampoline and good humour. So possibly you’re wonder what camera go YouTuber Tanner Braungardt use? lucky for friend we have actually scoured through his twitter feeding so girlfriend don’t have to!

With Tanner’s format of recording video, its vital to have a camera that deserve to handle whatever thats thrown at it. Literally.

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Tanner is right now using the Canon 70D which is a goto DSLR camera for countless successful and brand-new YouTubers.

This Canon 70D has actually all the necessary features that make a YouTubers life easier. For example you obtain the touch flip display screen which is vital if you want to film you yourself while on the go.

This enables everything thing to be in structure as no guess work-related is involved.

Another awesome feature of this camera is the Auto focus system. When you have actually accurate and quick auto focus it permits you to movie a relocating subject without gaining a soft or the end of emphasis video.

Have you ever noticed just how smooth Tanner’s videos are? well thats thanks to the image Stabilization in this camera i m sorry outputs a buttery and an excellent to clock video.

With every the flips and also challenges it renders sense that Tanner Braungardt would pick this model.

20.0 Megapixel CMOS SensorTouch flip ScreenContinuous Auto FocusImage Stabilisation ISO 100-12800


2. Sony a7s ii

In addition to his EOS 70D, Tanner Braungardt supplies his Sony a7s ii camera for YouTubing. Plenty of YouTubers presently use this certain camera as result of its an extensive features. It’s loaded with fast hybrid autofocus, in addition to a 5-axis picture stabilization. Many importantly, it has actually a 4K record feature, ensuring high-quality videos.

This is a powerful and calculated combination that any type of videographer would love. This would enable the user to capture different species of shots under unique settings. 

Moreover, it provides the users through the flexibility to move approximately without worrying the the videos will come out blurred. Although the investment is a bit high, YouTubers gain the value of the features. This is presently one of the finest YouTubing cameras out there.

Here room the toughness of the Sony a7s ii the you have to know:

Ideal for short light conditions4K recording throughout the full-frame5-axis photo stabilizationSwift clever autofocusCompatibility with broad lensesBattery is long-lasting

It’s a great idea come limit the time you use this camera, together it may obtain overheated. An additional downside come this version is that the menu have the right to be a little bit confusing to navigate. Unless you’re a agree in taking care of cameras, it may take some time to gain used to this one.

3. Powershot G7 X

Tanner Braungardt supplies his Powershot G7 X camera while record vlogs. When he demands a an ext compact and also smaller camera, he supplies this together a point-and-click solution. The reason for making use of this camera is the ease of access of lots of features and also power in a compact device.

The LCD touchscreen in this camera is 3 customs wide. Some of the other features are full HD video features and wonderful sensor. Moreover, the camera is powered to procedure images amazingly. Girlfriend have entirely customizable settings that administer users with higher flexibility. This likewise makes the an ideal device to shoot videos top top the go.

 Here space the advantages of making use of this certain model:

Great photo processingCompact frameExcellent HD videosLightweight1-inch CMOS sensorSeamless operation and useManual controls are customizable

However, this camera has a couple of drawbacks. For starters, it would certainly be a little slow for timeless photography. It additionally wouldn’t it is in the appropriate solution for short light conditions; and finally, the inbuilt microphone could have been a little an ext robust.

Accessories offered With these Cameras

YouTubers have the right to shoot fantastic quality videos v all 3 of these models. However, they work to perfection only as soon as you have the right set of accessories. Any type of stellar camera demands accessories to do it even better.

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In stimulate to enhance the audio output, consider using extra audio hardware. Girlfriend can additionally consider using lights and also tripods. These accessories would rise the as whole cost, but for a expert video, these room the basic necessities. 

While the initial investment could look a small high, you will do it eventually be able to produce excellent videos v these cameras and accessories. That course, it’ll take some time to build the ability to operate all the cameras together with their corresponding accessories.