One of mine favorite parts of elementary institution was return to class after Christmas break and telling everyone what you acquired for the holidays. I’m sure there to be a lot of unsavory comparing and contrasting walk on, yet I was always too stoked around the newest addition to my snow globe collection—which only came on Christmas—to treatment much that some various other kid got a Playstation.

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2020 has been a monster time for everyone, so I’m certain the celebrations weren’t quite what you expected. This is the first time i have ever celebrated a winter holiday away from mine mom, which was tough because 1) i was not expecting the to occur this year and also 2) no one else in this civilization will permit me routinely damage her kitchen tools in my search to do the perfect lebkuchen.

So, hell—it’s a weird year. Why not get together and compare notes on your presents like this is very first grade everywhere again?

I turned mine Christmas into a collaborative initiative for everyone to purchase me work-related stuff. An extremely exciting, i know. But with a GoPro and a podcasting microphone, I will certainly actually it is in able to set my huge 2021 plans in motion and also explore some various mediums that’ll appeal to the fine folk out there that aren’t as keen on analysis words as they room on listening come them or watching videos.

I additionally asked for part crochet hooks and also yarn since it’s more than likely time to begin a hobby the isn’t, y’know… work.


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But i think the ideal gift I acquired was a mainly off. I truly can not remember the last time i literally walk not execute one single ounce of work-related for an entire week. I occupational three jobs. Ns in grad school full-time for 2 degrees. I’m working on a book and also a research study thesis. It’s a great day if I gain to contact it quits at 5 o’clock rather of powering v until i can’t save my eyes open up anymore. It’s around time i took a damn break.

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Everyone keeps informing me, “Elizabeth you should friggin’ relax due to the fact that you’ll it is in so much an ext productive if you just take a job every as soon as in a while to chill” yet I am a stubborn ass who doesn’t listen. And guess what? After 5 beautiful days of nothing however baking, smoking meat, donating to people who required it, playing Animal Crossing, lounging on the couch, and sampling wines I’ve never ever heard of, ns a new man. Stunner how world can be right about stuff.