If you monitor fashion trends, climate you know, these bejeweled dainty little wrap arounds on our necks, are earlier in vogue. From celebrities to significant style icons to simple mortals, anyone is flaunting it v aplomb. 

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But a current article, us came throughout on Mamamia by Clare Stephens, has highlighted something extremely problematic with the tendency that has actually nothing to carry out with fashion. The post reads,

"Sitting at the dinner table, among my brothers inquiry whether ns knew what men thought when I wore a choker. "Ummm, no," i responded, assuming males had approximately zero opinions about my jewellery choices. He defined that amongst guys, there"s a joke that women who wear chokers room "sluts."

Some men, presumably are associating chokers with something sexual. That women who wear the are promiscuous and also submissive sluts. And it at some point boils under to the larger debate of constant policing of whatever women wear, by men. 

Here are a couple of gems we found on the internet. 


I personally, love the trend and also have been wearing that a lot of lately. And also I will be honest, a few of mine friends have frequently said, that reminded them of BDSM. Go wearing a choker typical a mrs is attracting attention? This piece of accessory is currently suddenly something provocative? 

There is way too lot pressure ~ above us, ladies. From how we dress to the method we behave. We room under continuous scrutiny, and also no, the is no easy. Our clothing don"t specify us, our favored lifestyle, our choices, are exclusively ours and also no one has the ideal to dictate terms. 

As the article rightly points out,

Chokers are just one instance of the infinite variety of decisions and also behaviours women make that leave us stuck. Put on them makes us sex objects, and not put on them makes us oppressed. We"re damned if we do and also damned if we don"t. Men just aren"t victim to the exact same struggle. Top top the confront of it, men"s perception of chokers can seem choose a an extremely inconsequential issue. Yet it"s not.What their conversations around women"s jewellery choices represents is that our body don"t belong come us.

Choker walk not median "Choke her" or a woman wearing one is no a "whore". 

Yes, this almost ridiculous and unwarranted fist that chokers are getting, for every the wrong reasons, veers earlier to the good old conflict of just how women wearing risqué garments are "asking because that it". The "oh, she wore a tank top, she deserved to it is in raped" mindset, is enraging and also outrageous.

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Particularly coming from those who have worn ties about their necks because that decades. 

A mrs may select to wear whatever she wants, only since it is her choice. We put on our clothes and also wear what us like, no for attention but for ourselves.