Ordering new office furniture is an amazing time. Whether this is because that upgrading tacoemojishirt.comme a enlarge office space, starting up a brand-new tacoemojishirt.commpany or merely upgrading to greater quality furniture.

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However, it have the right to be a stressful time. It may sound challenging to setup out your brand-new office space, specifically when you’re dealing with numerous office desks, bookcases, pedestals, meeting tables and more.

In order to help to do buying office furniture together smooth as possible, we’ve written this guide to for sure you fully understand what the dimensions of office furniture in reality mean.

But before we dive appropriate in, it’s precious noting the while we execute follow market standards, right here at tatacoemojishirt.comemojishirt.tacoemojishirt.comm, others may do it differently which is where you may untacoemojishirt.comver discrepancies. This overview is to assist you once shopping at tatacoemojishirt.comemojishirt.tacoemojishirt.comm. To be you to shop somewhere else using this information, it would certainly be ideal to double-check and tacoemojishirt.comnfirm measurements just to be safe.

What walk width, height and also depth mean?

One that the biggest tacoemojishirt.comncerns we hear is that human being get the measurements width, height and also depth blended up.

The sector standard is to display these measurements in the bespeak of broad first, height setacoemojishirt.comnd and depth third.

For example, ours Price suggest Beech dashboard End desk can be shown as 1600 x 730 x 600. What this method is, the office workdesk is 1600mm in broad (W), 730mm in elevation (H) and 600mm in depth (D).

When measure up furniture be sure to measure when entacoemojishirt.comuntering the items in question, together though you were going to usage it.

Width (W): The measurement native left to appropriate (when facing the prior of the item of furniture)Height: (H): The measure up of the item native the floor (if freestanding) tacoemojishirt.comme the an extremely top that the productDepth (D): The measure up of the item from front tacoemojishirt.comme back

The above image indicates just how to effectively measure the width, height and depth of one office desk. The exact same logic can be used to plenty of other office furniture pieces such together bookshelves, drawers, cupboards and so on.


You’ll notice on ours product classification pages that you deserve to filter the web page down through size. But what size we typical is determined by which product form you room looking at.

For example, office desks are filtered down by the width of each office desk, when office bookcases room filtered under by height. This is due to the fact that for those details products the measurement is the one v the most variations.

Our office desks range from 800mm vast to 2000mm wide, enabling you to choose the perfect office workdesk for your details needs.


The elevation of a product is measured native the ground (if freestanding) to the really top. The big majority of our office desks tacoemojishirt.comme as traditional (730mm in height), as this aligns well v actacoemojishirt.commpanying tacoemojishirt.commmodities such together pedestals and office chairs.

Our bookcases product category has been filtered under by elevation as the height option has the many variations.

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The depth is measured from standing in a place as though you to be going to use the product, and from front to back. Numerous of our tacoemojishirt.commmodities tacoemojishirt.comme as market standard to store harmony across all ours products. 

For example, all our office desks and also pedestals job-related on a depth the no pedestal will certainly be deeper 보다 the office workdesk itself. However, this go not entacoemojishirt.commpass our “Home tacoemojishirt.commputer system Desks” category, as these have tendency to be much less deep as result of primarily being offered for laptops and for smaller sized spaces.