As I stated in a preceding article of mine, i am no much longer a fan of those web slangs and also acronyms which space so renowned nowadays amongst kids, young adults or even younger adults. Sure, they save a variety of finger-movements and also still convey the same post as a lengthy word or sentence would’ve, yet for those people who aren’t quite familiar with them, they handiest make us Google because that acronym meanings, appropriately supply us more finger work. The trendy acronym that made its appearance on my display and got me Googling turned into DWU.


What go DWU median in Texting?

The collection of acronyms internet customers usage in texting will boost on a every day basis and also the sole purpose is to do the chatting simpler and also faster. And for a big a component of the net users, it offer the task well. ~ banging mine head versus a wall if you want to decipher what does DWU mean, I provided up and discovered myself Googling the which means of an acronym, once again. Similarly to my preceding acronym search, I’ve found a couple of special results:

Done through UDown through UDats what’s UpDealing through UsersDynasty warrior Unleashed

What does DWU Mean?

Although those five meanings of this acronym all pertained to to be appropriate fits because that DWU, the unique definition is don’t Wait Up. This abbreviation is extensively used top top Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other well-known social media networks and also is provided while a human wants to tell a person to no much longer look ahead to them. It is generally used when something all of sudden occurs come someone and also forces lock to it is in overdue or no longer seem in ~ a previously agreed meeting. DWU is in no way formal and also is used in casual day-to-day conversations.

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Those acronyms the make our chatting less complicated and much faster have long gone famous at the society networking sites. This acronym especially eliminates the desire of creating a full sentence in that you tell who to no wait for you, together you might absolutely speak what preserved you liven and add DWU within the end. Come make sure you know how to usage DWU in texting, i will provide you with some examples. This is one disclaimer: all personalities for these instances on the use of DWU space fictional (in instance a number of my girlfriend virtually follows my weblog posts and discover a few example familiar).

John: Beer tonight? mine treat.Elliah: Naah, I create other plans. DWU.Adrienne: Mom, I have an extra course after school tomorrow, so I’ll be overdue. DWU.Bob: My date canceled on me in ~ the last second and ns actually have actually a reservation. Room you up because that Chinese food?Gordon: Sorry, mate, ns am currently out. But you might be a part of me at the bar afterwards?Bob: I’m currently not certain if ns within the temper for going the end certainly. I’ll surname you if i wanna be a component of, therefore DWU.Richie: okay be long gone because that the weekend, so I’ll most probable leave the end your birthday. Sorry and also DWU.Suzanne: Where space you? It’s freeze outside.Sarah: ns cannot uncover a cab.

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DWU.Anna: my cat is sick, for this reason I have to live domestic tonight. DWU.