Every year we upgrade our teenager slang and this year we’ve included a handful of terms that might make her jaw drop.

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Slang is an integral part of growing up. A native or abbreviation can add significant meaning or emotion to a message or text. Slang helps youngsters define your connections, feel accepted, and also gain independence. And also of course, there’s the bonus of slang i beg your pardon is maintaining parents in the dark. Every piece of the logic is reasonable for the many part, so we need to be hands-off but aware in allowing this rite of passage.

The variable that’s different in between kids today children of the previous is technology. If the definition of a veiled indigenous or expression is funny or harmless, then no problem. Yet when a hatchet is loaded through offensive, abusive, illegal or harmful meaning, climate it’s time come take that slang seriously.

As always, we’ve unofficially canvassed a grasp of teens, paid attention to the digital chatter, and curated a few impressive lists and here’s the slang we uncovered that children are using.


Scoop: To pick someone up favor at your houseFinna: addressing to perform somethingYeet: A way come express excitement over somethingSkeet: Let’s goDip: come leaveMans: A man/personLow key: To save something confidential between friendsHigh key: ns don’t care who knowsAMOSC: add me ~ above snapchatGualla: MoneyRn: ideal nowSlick: CoolGeekin: Laughing too hard and also too loud

Bet: miscellaneous is going come happenCurve: To reject someone romanticallySalty: talk in a sassy or bitter wayWRU: Where room you?WUD: What room you doing?LYAAF: Love you as a friendNC: No commentIDKWTD: ns don’t know what to doDOH: Expression the frustration, or establish something123: i agreeHml: Hit mine line; call or message me, I’ll it is in waitingOBS: ObviouslyOFC: of courseACC: ActuallyPOA: plan of actionIMO: In my OpinionGOMB: Get off My BackKOTL: Kiss ~ above The LipsHuggle: Hug and also snuggleShip: Abbreviation because that relationshipIDEK: I don’t even knowIKR: I know, right?SMH: Shaking mine headThirsty: Desperate, impatient, or overly eagerDime: On one approval range of 1-10; dime is a an extremely attractive personFam: Very an excellent friendBasic: Someone or miscellaneous is ordinary or boringWestan: Showing assistance for human or causeWoke: Awareness of existing affairs or social issues (i.e., That girl is so wake up 24/7.)Savage: When a human being speaks or action bluntly or without a filter in publicGucci: Very impressiveSus: Suspicious


Wth: What the heck/hellAf: As f***, provided to mean “extremely”121: Let’s conversation in a exclusive messageAeap, alap: As at an early stage or as late as possible referencing partiesPods: For your Juul (vape)Clouds: The vapor from her vapeF2F: offering to video chat or satisfy in personLMIRL: Let’s satisfy in genuine life1174: invite to accomplish at a details place, frequently for a wild party

9, CD9, password 9: Parents space nearby99: Parents are goneMOS, POS: Mom/Parents end shoulderKPC: keeping parents cluelessWTTP: want to profession pictures? S2R: Send to obtain (pictures)Sugarpic: describes a suggestive or erotic photographTDTM: speak dirty come meTHOT: that wh*** over thereZerg: To corridor up on who (a gaming ax that has morphed right into a bullying term)KMS, KYS: death myself, death yourselfTBH: to Be honest (a candid compliment or one insult might follow)SWYP: so What’s her Problem?182: I dislike youShade: Refers to “threw shade” or “throwing shade,” to put someone down.

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A3: Anytime, anywhere, anyplace


Blow: CocainePearls: A unique rolled bluntBud: MarijuanaTree: Marijuana (i.e., Looking because that tree, got any? )Dabbing: concentrated doses the marijuana (began as a dance craze)420: Marijuana or let’s get highDOC: medicine of choiceYayo: CocaineBaseball = crack CocaineSkrill: MoneyCID: AcidE: EcstasyHazel: Heroin

Blue Boogers: Snorting Adderall or RitalinPharming: Getting right into medicine cabinet to discover drugs to acquire high onPox: OpiumRobo-tripping: Consuming cough syrup to gain highTweaking: High top top amphetaminesWhite Lady: Cocaine; heroinWings: Cocaine; heroinSpeed, crank, uppers ,Crystal or Tina: Meth

With the nationwide growth in opioid addiction, this year we’re adding this perform of slang/text terms for opioids. Opioids space prescription painkillers offered on the street. If you discover or overhear your kids using these terms, attend to it immediately. A few nicknames, slang terms include:

Demmies: DemerolO, Oxy, kickers, OC, kickers, blues: OxycontinCaptain Cody, Cody, schoolboy: Codeine through Robitussin or TylenolPercs: Percocet/PercodanDoors & fours, pancakes and syrup: Codeine with glutethimideVikes, lorries, Watsons, 357s: Vicodin or Lorcet/LortabPink O, protect against signs, pink: Opana (oxymorphone) Fentanyl: China girl, China town, tango and also cashRids, ritties, skippy, skittles, research buddies: RitalinBlack beauties, truck drivers, wakeups: Adderall

While these lists can go on because that days, we’ve accumulated the persons we’ve i found it the most. Familiarize yourself through these words and abbreviations, pay fist to what your children are talk about, who their friends are and also whether or no they are using modern technology is amplifying hopeful conversations or dangerous ones. Together always, make your relationship and open communication with her tween or teenager a priority. It’s the #1 method to prevent digital disasters.

Have us missed any kind of slang state you’ve i found it online? you re welcome comment below! 


Toni Birdsong is a household Safety Evangelist come tacoemojishirt.com. Girlfriend can uncover her on Twitter