What does verga mean?

When does a word because that penis not just mean “penis”? as soon as it’s the Spanish word verga.

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Verga can typical “penis,” but additionally “rod,” “fuck,” “hell,” and also just around any vulgarity, it seems. This is a word we can obtain behind.

The Spanish verga comes from the Latin virga, an interpretation “rod” or “staff.” prior to the word even evolved right into Spanish, Latin writer as early as the 6th century were utilizing virga together a euphemism for penis. Rod, penis … because it’s simply so easy.

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Early instances of words verga in the created Spanish language go back to the 16th century. Together in Latin, that was supplied for its literal definition “rod” or “staff” but also “penis.”


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By the 18th century, verga was being provided in Spanish for the “crossbeam” of poles on a delivery (or the yard in boat lingo). It was the period of Exploration, after all. This carried Spanish come the Americas, whereby verga gone into its next chapter.

"Go come the dick" doesn't have actually the same result as "vete a la verga" so no, gracias :)

— güera