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Welcome to her tape originates indigenous the 2017 Netflix series "13 reasons Why." In the series, a teen named Hannah Baker is bullied come the point of suicide, and also makes 13 tapes about 13 world to explain why she killed herself.


The present has to be criticised by numbers health organizations around it"s graphic display screens of suicide, yet mostly the it doesn"t accurately display screen the affects and also mental problem of self-destruction (notably doing not have a recommendation to being depressed in any type of way). Hannah"s decision to death herself is result of a sequence of events, and one really negative day in i beg your pardon she eventually decides to death herself. Classic depression more closely resembles year of feeling unworthy, unliked, unneeded, etc. Come the suggest where you room bombarded every job by the believed that you should kill yourself since the people will be far better off.

As a result of she "emo" behavior, world have started making funny of the collection through the picture "Welcome to your tape"

The Netflix Tweet

From BGR

Whoever is in charge of Netflix’s Twitter account probably deserves a raise, or a demotion depending on your point of view. Earlier in the week, Hulu took a couple of well-placed shots at Netflix through a video clip tweet highlighting every one of the content currently streaming top top Hulu and unavailable top top Netflix. In a 30-second clip, Hulu boasted the it has exclusive periods from programs choose Seinfeld and also Brooklyn Nine-Nine together with hit movies like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and also Iron Man. Indeed, Netflix in recent years has willingly let expansive licensing encounters movie studios slide out in donate of throwing money at developing original content. Most notably, Netflix in 2015 opted the end of a movie attend to Epix and also lost thousands of movies in the process.

Streaming just on Hulu. Not on Netflix. Try your complimentary trial today!

— hulu (
hulu) April 14, 2017

It’s naught brutal, not too savage, and is merely mentioning that Hulu has its own stable of content worth checking out. Netflix’s Twitter video game is strong, though, and also apparently the streaming giant doesn’t take too kindly come getting referred to as out.

Just a few days later, Netflix fired earlier with this ferocious tweet.

Welcome to her tape

— Netflix us (
netflix) April 18, 2017

Now because that anyone that doesn’t evaluate the savagery appropriate off the bat, the “Welcome to her tape” heat is a referral to the brand-new Netflix show 13 factors Why. The display centers ~ above a mrs high college student who, before committing suicide, sends out out audio tapes explaining her state of mental to people she believes to be responsible for her decision to take her very own life.

The tweet is arguably open to interpretation but Entertainment Weekly succicntly summarized the most common takes: “So Netflix is basically saying Hulu’s advertisement is for this reason depressed, isolated, and hopeless the it’s making them feel suicidal (or maybe that their advertisement plays a prefer suicide tape…” in the face of Netflix’s streaming dominance.

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Predictably, Netflix was criticized top top Twitter because that seemingly making irradiate of suicide, however Wendy’s -- which has a solid Twitter account the its very own -- gave the tweet its seal of approval with a tweet that its own: “Dunno, that pretty solid and also relevant to their brand. Doesn’t get much better than that.”





Me: can I gain some guac too? Chipotle Employee: agakmall is extra.Me: Welcome to your tape.