This quiz has the answer come “Which FNAF character room you?” find out i m sorry of the 5 Nights in ~ Freddy’s animatronics or personalities match you.

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A Quiz to discover Which FNAF personality You Are

The 5 Nights in ~ Freddy’s quiz on this web page is the many accurate personality test based upon Scott Cawthon’s beloved video game franchise. It has actually 20 difficult personality-related and also psychology-related inquiries to find the murderer animatronic living within you. Ago in 2015, it was pretty common to ask her friend, “which FNAF character space you?” yet here we are in 2021, and people still have actually the same question. That is why we produced the many accurate and 100% creepy quiz to expose who you really are.

A Brief history of FNAF and also Its Creepy Quizzes

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror video clip game developed by an independent developer, Scott Cawthon. It complies with the scary stories around some robotic dolls the turn into murderers due to some superordinary events. Throughout the game, you have to survive the fatal attacks of the stated living dolls, recognize a means out of the areas you room locked in.

The game was very first announced in 2015. Yet it soon developed an massive fanbase all over the internet. The is why plenty of critiques compare it to Undertale—another indie horror game hit indigenous the same era.

However, it to be not long after the game’s popularity that the creepy FNAF quizzes began to popular music up. Fans and also experts created hundreds the questionaries around the soundtracks, customs, characters, and also trivia that the franchise quickly. And as Scott launched an ext entries in the series, the variety of quizzes kept growing.

Which FNAF Character room You has always been one the trendiest titles of the online tests since 2015. The is since fans want to relate come the game’s personalities also further. Plus, the is constantly fun to understand what kind of a monster is living inside you.

Now the everyone is waiting for the latest variation of the game (i.e., protection Bridge), we made decision to present the most accurate FNAF quiz of our own. And also here is every little thing you have to know about it.

How does the 5 Nights in ~ Freddy’s Character check Work?

We analyzed all the animatronics in the franchise, trying come categorize your personas. Then, we produced a collection of 20 psychological and horror-themed concerns to expose and match your personality with that that the monsters. The quiz on this page concentrates on four primary elements, her personality, phobias, playstyle, and also dark core. Much more on the said facets below.

Personality Match

The large question is, “which FNFA character space you?” come answer that, we have actually to examine your persona in advance. The score is to discover out what is similar between you and also the murdering animatronics’ personality. That is why most of the test questions employ emotional tricks to analysis your soul prior to matching it v a creepy Teddy bear or other species of monsters.

Type that Phobias

Scott Cawthon offers your phobias against you in an clever way. The franchise consists of all sorts of triggering material, such together clowns, relocating dolls, infant cries, darkness, etc. However not the your fears have actually so much to reveal around your character. And also that is why our quiz has numerous phobia-related questions.


You execute not have to play five Nights at Freddy’s before taking the quiz. However, we have several playstyle-concerning concerns to extract much more data before telling you which FNAF animatronic girlfriend are. Again, the is it s okay if you have not played any kind of of the franchise’s games. Every you need to do is choose an alternative that makes much more sense come you.

Dark Core

We currently have a Dark core Test on our website. Yet when it comes to Freddy’s animatronics, you need to go v a real-deal gothic questionary. So, here, girlfriend will end up taking care of some gloomy and obscure questions to uncover out i m sorry FNAF personality you are.

FNaF personalities Included in the Quiz

You face more than 50 electro-mechanically man robots in the franchise. So, it is not simple task to enhance your persona with one of them. Our team inspected the scariest and gloomiest robots to develop this which FNAF Character are You quiz.


The 5 Nights at Freddy’s quiz has all the classic Animatronics indigenous the original game. Friend might become soulmates with Freddy Fazebear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Foxy, and Withered Chica.


You execute not meet countless human characters while playing the FNaF games. However, several human being influence the whole story significantly. That is why we included some person personalities to the check to check out if you finish up matching them or not. That course, the series’s biggest monster is a human referred to as William Afton—or the violet Guy. So, corresponding a human being at the end of the i beg your pardon FNAF Character room You quiz could not it is in a item of an excellent news after ~ all.

Disclaimer does not own any type of of the images used in the 5 Nights at Freddy’s quiz. Scott Cawthon owns the right to all the photos used in this test.

Questions the the quiz

Question 1

Your foe deserves come _________.



Fear of chop places

Fear the clowns

Fear the blood

Fear of invisible creatures

Fear of knives

Question 6

Which the the complying with tools would certainly you use to death someone?

Come back






Question 8

Which Animatronic execute you hate the most?

Golden Freddy


Curious Baby


The Puppet

All of them

Question 9

Which that the complying with nicknames would suit you in the FNAF universe?

Holly Murderer Nurse

Killer Fox

That Old Friend

Mr. Nobody

The Nightmare


Question 10

You wake up in a dark room. Suddenly, friend hear a infant crying outside. What carry out you do?

Find a for sure place and hide


Run towards the noise

Shouting, “SHUT UP!”

I don’t understand

I dislike babies

Question 11

I gain seeing others____________________.

Runaway from me

Fall because that me

Want to it is in friends with me

Fear me

Respect me

Beg me

Question 12

The many beautiful component about being animatronic is_______.

Being complimentary to do everything you want

Having not rules

Living a calm life

Messing through others

Living forever

Killing others

Question 13

Which word defines you better?

Life is misery. Delight is an illusion.

You nothing deserve me. Nobody of girlfriend do.

I simply wanted to it is in friends.

I’ll always be grounding in your mind.

Nope. Girlfriend don’t know me.

I need blood. More.

Question 15

Which that the following FNAF games is her favorite?





Sister Location

Pizzeria Simulator

Question 16

As an animatronic, ns would never want to _______________.

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Have person friends

Live a lonely life


Show mine real face to others

Stop murdering

Question 17

Which of the adhering to items is critical while play FNAF?






F-ed increase animatronics

Question 18

Which that the following scenarios sounds interesting to you?

Resurrecting a dead child

Becoming a millionaire by playing poker

Becoming a TV present host

Making her worst adversary cry like a baby

Changing identification and starting a brand-new life

Getting far with numerous crimes

Question 19

Choose the noise the you prefer to listen in the background when sleeping.





Nothing (Silence)


Question 20

What is the easiest method to remove someone you don’t like?

Blocking them