Having troubles in paradise v your Aquarius man? He’s pulling away and avoiding you, and also now you’re most likely wondering if you should do the exact same to him?

Before girlfriend make any type of decisions, I desire to warning you about the possible side impacts of skipping an Aquarius man.

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Aquarians belong come air indications of the zodiac, and that renders them thoughtful, charismatic, outgoing, and also charming. They’re real experts in communicating, and also it’s absolutely their biggest personality trait.

Don’t let these superior Aquarius traits silly you. Aquarians have some flaws, too, i m sorry really provides them difficult to resolve sometimes.

Aquarius guys have the right to be true rebels. They’re arrogant and sometimes really bull-headed. As soon as they placed their mind to something, they’ll shot to accomplish it no issue what.

Definitely, your worst properties is the they periodically seem completely detached from your emotions. That really provides you think that you’re taking care of an emotionally unavailable man.

You need to recognize that it’s really hard for an Aquarian to open up up his heart to someone. However, as soon as you manage to discover a method to his heart, it’ll absolutely be your safe location forever.

10 Side results of ignoring an Aquarius Man

Just as ignoring a Capricorn man, a Pisces man, or any other man, skipping an Aquarius man have the right to have both hopeful and an adverse side effects.

Here room some things that may take place if you choose to neglect him to acquire his attention.

It’ll more than likely be a wake-up contact for him


Ignoring one Aquarius male will do him know that he can’t take you because that granted anymore.

If he yes, really loves and cares for you, he’ll recognize that this is just how you’re trying come tell him the he might lose friend if he proceeds to law the very same way.

Air indicators are intelligent and also it won’t take lengthy for him come realize your message. He’ll most likely reach out immediately because he won’t risk losing you. That course, this is just if he truly loves you.

BUT, he may additionally pull away completely


To it is in honest, if you overlook an Aquarius or a Virgo or a Leo male or any type of other male for also long, it could lead to a breakup.

The great thing is that this sun sign is an extremely patient and he won’t provide up ~ above something that honestly cares for too easily.

He’ll provide you part time come think, and he’ll usage that time to make his own decisions concerning your relationship.

He’ll probably try to call you numerous times, yet if the sees the this doesn’t work, he’ll think the there is no ar for that in her life anymore and also he’ll break up v you.

This is the worst-case scenario of skipping an Aquarius man, however don’t allow it scare you or make you give up on your intention. That takes a lot much more than skip to drive an Aqua guy who’s in love away.

You’ll acquire his undivided attention


If he to be neglecting and avoiding you, try to respond to him in the very same manner. Provide him the quiet treatment and also he’ll see just how much it hurts when a person you love is skip you.

Also, ns don’t know if you understand this around Aquarians, however they like once women are playing difficult to get. They like a great chase, and also ignoring the will certainly gather his attention and also make him follow you.

It may make that withdraw further into himself


Men under this zodiac authorize are periodically truly tough to define. They’re outgoing and an extremely fun to be around. They favor hanging out v people, and their circle of friends is nice big.

They prefer to talk through people and they can really talk through someone about everything, literally everything… other than themselves and also their feelings.

It’s very complicated for lock to open themselves up also to their finest friends. That’s why Aqua males can seem pretty remote sometimes. Part may even say they’re too cold and fully unavailable.

He can become distant and cold without any reason, and you shouldn’t think that it’s your fault or start wondering wherein you walk wrong. It’s just just how they are… it’s simply component of your nature.

You might hurt his feelings by skip him, and also it can make her stressed man withdraw more into himself.

However, you must remember the you’re doing this precisely since he was hurting your feelings because that too long by neglecting you and also taking you for granted.

It’ll do him think around his actions


The reality is that both of you need some time come rethink her relationship. Ignoring her Aqua man will help you to think about whether he’s yes, really the right guy for you and also is he yes, really worth the fight.

While, top top the other hand, it’ll additionally make him think around the means he treats you.He’ll also understand the you’re skipping him because you’re ailing of his disrespect and also his mistreatment.

He’ll know that he should work really difficult in stimulate to do things work again.

On the various other hand, it may damage your connection


Well, let’s be honest… her relationship, and therefore, your emotional link isn’t so an excellent when you decide on this step.

Of course, it could damage your connection even more, however we can’t recognize that for sure.

It might make your Aquarius guy think that you’re skip him because you don’t care for him anymore, but Aquarians are an ext intelligent 보다 that and they’ll figure out the factor behind your far-off behavior virtually immediately.

It’ll do him angry


I think this one is pretty logical. Being ignored through the person we love would certainly make united state all angry and also it would definitely hurt ours feelings.

Aquarius males are really patient, however it’s far better for you no to check his limitations.

If you check out that he has construed the suggest you to be trying to make and if he has started to adjust and beg you to provide him one much more chance, climate that’s it… you’ve won, you have actually the top hand now, and it’s time to set some new rules in her relationship.

He’ll want you to have ‘the talk’… actually, he’ll need it


After that sees that you aren’t planning to stop staying clear of him, he’ll shot to reach you. I’m sure he’ll send girlfriend a msg asking you to have actually an open and also sincere talk.

However, that won’t be totally sure if you’re act this simply to display him just how it harms to it is in ignored by someone you love or due to the fact that your feelings for him have actually disappeared and also you’re trying to rest up with him.

He’ll many assuredly want to have ‘the talk’. Yes, the talk about the future of her relationship because Aqua males are choose that… lock must always know where they stand with someone.

He’ll look at you with whole brand-new eyes


One that the reasons why your Aquarian man started to pull away might be your clinginess.

If you didn’t respect his require for personal space, climate it’s no wonder why your Aquarius man ignores you and gives friend the quiet treatment.

Ignoring him will definitely aid you come pull her Aquarius man ago in. The truth is that every Aquarius man likes a good chase.

They don’t choose to be chased, yet they gain chasing females who provide them the right factors for it.So, if your Aquarius male acts distant and starts staying clear of you, don’t nearby in your room and also cry every day.

Don’t article some desperate quotes or statuses on your social media. That absolutely isn’t a means to gain your Aquarius male back.

Do every little thing absolutely opposing of that. Walk out, hang with your finest friends, and also have fun. Ignoring an Aquarius man back can definitely assist you acquire his attention.

It’ll definitely adjust the way he thinks about you. He’ll start seeing you as an live independence woman who doesn’t require a guy to it is in happy. That’s definitely a major turn-on for an Aquarius male.

Ignoring an Aquarius male will reveal whether he yes, really loves you


You must look at points this way; the best-case scenario would certainly be if you regulate to get your Aquarian male back, but even if friend fail to carry out it, that’ll also be a an excellent thing because that you due to the fact that it’ll present you that he doesn’t love you anymore and that that doesn’t deserve to it is in in her life.

If he important loves you, if he’s her soulmate, friend won’t lose him, and also that I have the right to tell you because that sure.

Aquarians have the right to be arrogant, an extremely stubborn, and also unempathetic, yet they’ll never ever risk shedding a mrs they candid love.

Final thoughts


This job will be especially hard for Taurus and also Scorpio women because they’re no compatible through Aquarians in general.

Speaking of their love compatibility, this air sign clicks best with Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius women. Aquarians and Geminis are true love matches the horoscopes.

You’re around to set out on a very complicated journey, and also I really need to warn you the it won’t be easy.

However, if you’re sure that he’s your true soulmate, then every sacrifice will be worth keeping him in her life.

There will certainly be many of moments when you’ll remorse it all due to the fact that you’ll start thinking exactly how ignoring her Aquarius guy is only pushing him further away. Those moments will pass… you just need to it is in patient.

Be strong, it is in fearless, and also don’t provide up no issue what happens. Ignoring an Aquarius guy will absolutely permit you to have the upper hand in your relationship finally.

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Even if friend don’t regulate to attract your man back in, it’ll also be a an excellent thing due to the fact that it’s just how you’ll know that he yes, really doesn’t care about you at all.

Anna Kovach, the renowned relationship astrologer, defined it nicely; “Aquarius men deserve to be daunting to deal with sometimes, and when castle are, walking far or skip them has tendency to wake up them as much as the fact of what is walking on. Uneven he yes, really doesn’t give a flip around you, he’ll wonder what is walking on.”