There might not be countless Indian-American tv journalists in the news of the network, however Vinita nair is no deterred through this. Rather, she takes a brand-new and transforming landscape because that granted and is proud to be a component of it. She to trust she is living she dream and also sees she career together a front-row seat to history.

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Vinita is one American television journalist who co-hosted CBS on Saturday morning v Anthony Mason.

Who is Vinita Nair? Biography

Vinita Chandra Nair, better known as Vinita Nair, is one Indian-American television journalist who covers a wide selection of topics, including the examination of the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, the shooting in ~ the institution in Bailey, Colorado, and also political commentary, the terrorist strikes in Paris.

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Vinita to be born top top September 8, 1981, in Evanston, Illinois. She is the Indian-American nationality and also Asian-American descent and also grew up with her parents in Colleyville, Texas. She graduated from the Medill institution of Journalism at Northwestern University through a degree in Journalism.

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The anchoring was actually an audition to end up being Alexa Conomos’ follower at the TEGNA8 weekday editions of the Dallas show. However, the position went come Kara Sewell, who joined the network on January 4, 2018.

She to be hired as a reporter for distinct assignments on extended projects because that KXAS, the Dallas-based NBC station. Vinita join the network as a employee member top top January 29, 2018.

Who is she Husband?

She has actually been married come a reporter colleague, Osman Elahi Nawaz, since October 10, 2009. They had actually a timeless wedding through an Indian theme, i m sorry took place when she was still through ABC News. She spoke about her wedding on ABC’s human being News Now and also even verified some wedding photos.

As is usual for most journalists, castle love to keep a low profile and not do their private life a windy affair, and their family members with almost complete privacy. However, there were rumors that the pair was ~ above the means to divorce, however these were just rumors. They are still together, and also their bonds room only farming stronger.

The fact that castle knew each various other long before they entered into the covenant of Life, and also that castle share the very same profession, may have played a role in maintaining them together and also in love.

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Vinita offered birth come her boy on January 25, 2012. The proud parents named their small boy Tahir, a Muslim name that method purity.