The next component of the most Wanted mission take away place back at Pinkney Orphanage again. Enter the door and also move through the area till you find yourself in a locked room and also are offered a riddle come solve.

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“What kind of question can only it is in asked upon reflection?”

If friend look in ~ the locked door you should an alert that there room three ‘?’ indications on it. ~ above the floor in prior of the door is a one puzzle comprised of 3 ring segments and an external ring which acts like a mirror. The three ‘?’ indicators are linked with the 3 rings the the puzzle.

To solve the riddle, you’ll want to hit every of the 3 ‘?’ indicators with Batarang s till the pattern on the rings on the floor line up in the form of a question note with the peak of the symbol facing the door. Now you simply need to discover a location where the spotlight above the door appears in the mirrored floor in the place of the dot at the bottom the the question mark symbol and scan the perfect ‘?’.


Use the question marks come align the floor (left). Proceed through the lit increase door to start the next challenge (right).

This will open up the door. Cruise on through.

Here you’ll be rejoined with Catwoman and you’ll be tasked with trying out the currently lit up green door.

In the next room you’ll view a series of bars up the center separating a pair of pressure plates on the floor. Have Batman was standing on the blue push plate and also Catwoman stand on the red pressure plate. This will certainly lock the rooms turn off from one another.

From either pressure plate look come the dividing wall surface in the center of the room. Right here you’ll view a team of 5 question clues (lets count them 1-5 indigenous left come right). Above these, friend will likewise see a display that will relay a series of numbers – these are pertained to the stimulate in which we should hit the inquiry marks (Batman through Batarangs, Catwoman through the Whip). The capture here is that the number in one character’s room space for the pattern that the various other character have to follow.


Hit the ‘?’ buttons in stimulate (left) and then struggle the Riddler Robots that appear (right).

Catwoman 1, 3, 5, 2, 4.Batman 3, 1, 4, 5, 2.As soon as both characters have completed your side the the puzzle, the walls will autumn down and you’ll be placed into a dual-combat situation versus 10 Riddler Bots.

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Following the fight, you’ll be able to approach the nearby pedestal because that the 2nd key.