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\"Candy Girl\" is the debut single by new Edition from their debut album liquid Girl. It to be released as a solitary in late February 1983 and the tune hit number one on the UK Singles Chart, ending up being the 31st best-selling single of the year. It additionally peaked at #1 ~ above the warm Black Singles graph on might 14, 1983.

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My girl\"s choose candy, a candy treatShe knocks me high up off my feetShe\"s therefore fine as can beI recognize this girl is simply for meCandy GirlYou room my worldYou look so sweetYou\"re a special treatCandy girlAll I desire to sayWhen you\"re through meYou brighten up my dayAll i knowWhen I\"m through youYou make me feel so goodThrough and throughThe method you walkAnd the means you talkYou constantly look therefore goodYou make me forget mine thoughtsDo you really love me? (do you really love me?)Don\"t you really care? (don\"t you really care?)Do friend really need me? (do you really require me?)And will certainly you constantly be there?Every nightAnd every dayI\"m constantly thinking of youIn every wayAll ns knowWhen I\"m with youYou make me feeling so goodThrough and also throughCandy girlYou room my worldYou\"re everything, everythingEverything come meCandy girlAll I desire to sayI need your loveEach and also everydayHey fellasWhat?Check the end Mike and Bobby\"s tiny ladyOoh eehWell, check out Ricky and Ralph\"sOoh eehWhat around Ronnie\"s?She\"s bad, she\"s badI recognize she\"s badShe walks for this reason fast, she looks for this reason sweetShe provides my heart simply skip a beatMy girl\"s the best and that\"s no lieShe speak me the I\"m her only guyThat can be true yet my girl\"s a joyShe don\"t play around, she\"s best to the pointMy girl\"s like candy, a candy treatShe knocks me high up turn off my feetOh candyYou look for this reason sweetOh candyYou\"re a special treatCandy (you\"re mine candy)Candy girl (candy)Candy (you\"re mine candy)Candy girl (candy)Candy girlYou room my worldI require your loveEach and also everydayCandy girlAll I want to sayYou\"re everything, everythingEverything come meCandy girlYou room my worldI require your loveEach and also everydayCandy girlI require it, require it, require it, need it, need it everydayCandy girl

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new Edition brand-new Edition is an R&B group created in Boston in 1978. The group reached its elevation of popularity during the 1980s. They to be the progenitors that the young band motion of the 1980s and also 1990s and led the method for teams like brand-new Kids ~ above the Block, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys and \"N Sync.

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The team recorded greatly as a quintet. Much more »