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Seen the over comment discsussed elsewhere. What perform you guys think. Is that flirty when a mrs starts conversation v a guy by saying, "hey you" ?
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Interesting, as plenty of men to speak this is a come on and when a women states this come a male it method they desire them...So I suppose the questions really are:1. Women who have actually used this expression on men, to be it a flirty / affectionate term because that a man?2. Men who have received this comment, did it result in a date or relationship?
In one case, a completely unabashed "yes!" and in yet one more case, a level "no!" Not once she had actually a negative reputation and was as ugly together homemade sin!
"To love another person is to see the challenge of God!" - Jean Valjean native Les MiserablesMy Story!
I would never ever say it come a male I was no dating unless he to be my brother and I needed help moving furniture.But I execute say it periodically to mr H. Along the present of calling the end "hey you i need assist in here" as I speak to out from the bedroom while undressing. Commonly I perform it when he is act something entirely unrelated to sex so it is a pretty surprise once he comes into the bedroom "
Well then damn.Using VAR, ns heard my wife start a conversation using the "hey you" intro. Through a colleague. That did not bring about anything an ext but is playing on mine mind as something that a married woman must not say come a colleague...
Given your various other thread, I would say this is a red flag. Is this the same work-related colleague friend told to stay away from her wife? walk she ever point out that incident? Sounds choose you controlled to acquire a great quality VAR.I job-related with females in ~ the office (in the UK) and also often they will use that term with civilization they recognize well and also are usually pleased to see. Plenty of of them who are in sales are additionally flirty to try and be "one of the boys" so to speak.Don"t desire to derail this thread as you have one more thread going, but yes it is a term of familiarity.
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It to be a various colleague, in a diferent building. He just said "Hello" in responce. But when i heard her saying it, it just sounded a bit too "cosy" and also affectionate. Not sure if this is large enough to do anything of.How should I proceed?
It to be a various colleague, in a diferent building. He just said "Hello" in responce. But when i heard she saying it, it just sounded a little too "cosy" and also affectionate. Not certain if this is large enough to do anything of.How must I proceed?
I would certainly wait it out & watch if you hear anything much more incriminating v the VAR. Speak "hey you" isn"t constantly flirting; ns would need to see the person"s human body language & hear their tone to have the ability to give an opinion on that. Just keep your ears & eyes open a small bit more before making any kind of confrontations.
JustTired, I will wait and also see. Manfromlamancha, she works in investment banking so it can acquire flirty. Simply don"t desire it at my cost thanks to arbitrator, Holland and also lila also!
forget the words because that a second and because you var(ed) it, what was she tone choose in speak to this is my take, the sweetest sound in the civilization for any type of of us is our own name, as soon as someone calls girlfriend by your very own name it imply that that this person is rememberable, hey girlfriend sound less endearing and might indicate to the other human being that ns can"t also bother to speak to you by your own name, that i don"t also have time to point out your name when all i want is info or help. Even if it is you have actually just reason to be suspicious of your wife"s activities can not be figured out by "hey you", protect against red herrings as soon as possible.
There are large differences amongst "Hey, you", "Hey! You!", and "Heeey, you!" tone - and also circumstances - matter. Even if it is the case is significant or humorous. Unless the rest of the contents is flirtatious, you yes, really can"t tell anything.

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One that the girl"s that used this line with me was a Minnesota festival that ns met and dated for a if not long after Divorce No. 1 was consumated, and nearly fell head over heels about. I type of assumed that it"s consumption was a regional sort that thing, since I had actually never formerly heard girl from the South ever before use it.For a southern boy, I believed that it"s usage was cool and refreshing come the allude that i reciprocated the use through her ~ i beg your pardon she really appeared to love!But frankly, i would never ever use the on a woman unless I was somewhat serious about my intentions with her!The only other festival to usage it to be an out-of-state co-employee in ~ the Federal agency I worked for, yet I really do not think that she was making use of it to come on to me, as I important think that she just had actually trouble remembering my name! Being quite unattractive herself, she also had a rather unattractive BF at the time that I never heard her usage that line on, at the very least whenever he was existing with she at society functions!

"To love one more person is to check out the challenge of God!" - Jean Valjean indigenous Les MiserablesMy Story!