What is a product roadmap?

A product roadmap is a high-level visual an overview that maps out the vision and direction of her product supplying over time. A product roadmap communicates the why and also what behind what you’re building. A roadmap is a guiding strategic document as well as a plan for executing the product strategy.

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For examples and inspiration on building your an initial roadmap, browser our library the product roadmap templates.

The product roadmap has several can be fried goals:

Describe the vision and strategyProvide a guiding record for executing the strategyGet internal stakeholders in alignmentFacilitate conversation of options and script planningHelp connect with outside stakeholders, consisting of customers

For much more on the basics of a product roadmap, check on this short video.

Ideally, your product roadmap must convey the strategy direction for her product. And it should likewise tie back to the strategy for the company. Within that framework, the course, is the general order that what you will do it be building.


Clearly articulating the product vision and also strategy have the right to make it less complicated to secure executive, management buy-in. It additionally ensures the everyone is working towards a usual goal.


Note the roadmaps aren’t restricted to products. Instead, these objectives are comparable to other varieties of roadmaps, such together marketing roadmaps and IT roadmaps.


Why is a product roadmap important?

Product roadmaps encapsulate exactly how the product strategy i do not care a reality. They take many competing priorities and also boil them under to what’s most important, leaving shiny objects by the wayside in favor of work-related that move the needles stakeholders really care about.

They’re additionally a source of inspiration, motivation, and shared property of the product and also its successes. Every the work-related individual contributors do frequently only make feeling within the paper definition of the product roadmap and knowing the plan and also what the organization wishes it will carry can obtain naysayers onboard.

Product roadmaps are among the couple of things almost everyone in the organization will be exposed to, as sales pitches, marketing plans, and also financials are usually organized closer come the vest. For countless workers, the their only glimpse of where the product and also organization are heading and why certain decisions to be made. They carry out a shared, common understanding the the vision, goals, and objectives for everyone in the company.

Product roadmaps also help organizations avoid chaos native reigning, pet projects from sliding into the implementation queue, and also wasting sources on less vital tasks. They space the beacon, the focal distance point, and the guideposts for everyone bringing the product come market.

Who is responsible for the product roadmap?

Product roadmap production should it is in a team effort, however the product administration team should ultimately be responsible for their creation and also maintenance. This mix of collaboration and discrete ownership gets stakeholders onboard while preserving informational integrity and avoiding a free-for-all atmosphere.

Product administration should start with a clear understanding of both the product’s and the all at once organization’s strategic objectives, which comes from the executive team. Then, with the wanted outcomes in mind, product management can produce the key themes because that this portion of the product’s lifecycle.

Roadmaps assistance outcome-driven planning

Next, it’s time to dive right into the backlog and see which items match up with those bigger themes before engaging in a prioritization exercise with various internal (and perhaps external) stakeholders to view what will have actually the biggest influence or biggest ROI. Once every little thing is sorted and also ranked, the product team deserve to then begin slotting points in, check in commonly with the implementation team to ensure the prioritized goals and themes of the roadmap room feasible and worth the effort.

Then that time to socialize when again and shop the product roadmap around, acquiring buy-in and approval to begin execution. So, while that takes a village, the the product team doing the lion’s re-superstructure of the work.


Building Product Roadmaps

How her Roadmap will certainly Evolve as Your Product Matures

As commodities evolve, lock inevitably become an ext complex. They’re supposed to carry out more, to serve extr cohorts, to combine with other products and also services.

Product roadmaps likewise go with an evolution of your own. A roadmap because that a freshly-minted MVP differs significantly from a maturation product on numerous fronts:

Horizon: Startups have a much harder time predicting future requirements and opportunities for the products. Thus their roadmaps more than likely won’t walk too far in the future (or if they perform it’s with some very big asterisks). Established commodities can make firmer longer-term plans. They have actually a better understanding of your customers and also the market.Frequency: once you’re young and scrappy, you need to “always it is in shipping.” more mature products can room out their releases with much less urgency.Dependencies: Startups can move quickly and also break stuff. Mature products have a legacy to worry about, third-party integrations come maintain, and regression worries to compete with.Goals: A startup’s purposes are really different indigenous an companies product. The an initial is just trying come prove that is viability, acquire some traction, and also grow. The latter will have an ext nuanced strategic objectives and much more diverse targets.


How perform you prioritize attributes for the product roadmap?

Roadmaps space the result of an extensive analysis, consideration, and also deliberations. As soon as you collection strategies and also goals, the comes under to prioritizing features and also enhancements based on a variety of criteria. 

There space multitudes of approaches for prioritizing potential roadmap items. There room dozens the frameworks to pick from, from making use of OKRs, come MoSCow, to the RICE Scoring Model. Regardless of which strategy is ultimately selected, ideal prioritization calls for product teams to perform their homework. Assess every item under consideration for value, level of effort, and also opportunity costs.


Teams must also weigh the services of short-term wins versus making progress toward permanent goals. Any great roadmap will incorporate a combination of both items. This ensures incremental gains room being seen routinely without pushing the end the hard work forced to development the as whole product strategy.

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More Roadmap Tips

How to include Multiple commodities to her Roadmap

Roadmapping level up its level of difficulty when it entails multiple products. Now, rather of trying come convey a vision and also plan because that a single product, the roadmap need to do therefore for many them. 

Not just is this a difficulty from a pure genuine estate on-the-page perspective, yet getting every the message aligned isn’t always easy. Over there are frequently multiple product supervisors or groups involved. Each with its own tastes, vernacular, and also terminology. Not to cite that the products themselves might be in entirely different stages. 

A keep in mind on roadmap alignment

Consistency is the key to pulling this off. Alignment on the roadmap style, legend, shade coding, time horizon, and level of granularity space mandatory. And also don’t forget around version manage issues!

To make this easier, tacoemojishirt.com offers the Portfolio watch feature. Every team manages its very own product’s roadmap, yet they’ll instantly roll up into a investment portfolio View offering a single, continuous view the every product in the portfolio. Organizations deserve to even encompass non-product roadmaps such together marketing, IT, and also operations in the portfolio View.


What is a roadmap in Agile?

Before the prevalence of agile breakthrough methods, a product roadmap underwent much less fluctuation during the product’s lifetime. Depending on the organization, a roadmap’s time frame can be locked in for 18 months or longer. 

In the period of agile development, however, a roadmap has become much more of a life document. The roadmaps have far shorter timeframes and also need more frequent adjustments come accommodate changing priorities and market opportunities. And also Agile roadmaps might look a little different from more traditional solitary or multi-product ones. 

Keeping roadmaps present is one of the biggest secrets come success. An outdated roadmap just leads come confusion and false expectations. This man is why it’s essential to usage a tool that provides it simple and simple to make regular updates as shortly as possible.