One that the more common concerns I acquire from people early in their journey is what to do about twin flames in other relationships. What does it mean, why does the happen and also what should your next procedures be?

Well, because that those that don’t know me I’ve spoken to literally thousands of world going through miscellaneous stages that their twin flame journey. I’m typically saying no 2 journies room alike and also that it’s tough to know anything for sure.

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Twin flames gift in various other relationships is so very common yet it come up so often. I understand (from first-hand experience) how emotionally and spiritually painful it deserve to be. You have to know, however, it’s likewise incredibly typical in the early on stages of your journey

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What reasons Twin Flames in various other Relationships?

What reasons Twin Flames in other Relationships?

There’s no one dimension fits every answer here. Ns can offer you a perform of few of the most typical I see however your twin can be doing something totally unique. What is global is they’re not purposely trying to hurt you – castle likely simply don’t know the path they’re ~ above yet.

They might be entirely unaware of the pair flame journey and another 2D connection seems ‘normal’ to them. They’ve been raised to intend this type of relationship so that’s what they’ve looked for.They may have experienced soul shock after contact with you and not fully understood this experience. If they’re no spiritually prepared for that sort of connection it can trigger a spiritual fight or flight response which causes them to operation to one more relationship.

If you’re handle with your pair flame in another relationship and also are in need of guidance consider getting a pair flame reading.

Other Relationships prior to You Meet

I’ve extended how usual it deserve to be once twin flames are already married however (without providing out details details of course) I’d say that about fifty percent the story I hear about involve at least one pair flame being in one more relationship or being married once they very first meet.

It’s never going to be an easy situation and I know there are plenty of different viewpoints about this. It’s entirely feasible your twin is married come a soulmate i m sorry is actually an excellent for lock and part of your journey to become spiritually prepared for union v their twin.

But it’s never basic situation to it is in in. Because that anyone involved.

It’s not the time to sirloin them right into anything or cause an ext pain to any type of party involved. Certainly, a time come proceed slowly as girlfriend don’t want a false twin flame connection to rip apart a marriage.

If you meet your pair flame as soon as they’re already in a connection (or maybe you’re the one currently in a relationship) it doesn’t instantly mean you’re no going to reach union or the they’re not your pair flame. It is a time to move slowly and also cautiously despite so nobody gets hurt through mistake.

Other relationships After friend Meet

Your twin flame entering a relationship after you both meet additionally happens. It’s maybe a little less typical than currently being in a relationship however it’s much from rare.

Usually, during a twin flame separation phase, it’s possible for one or both twins to temporarily speak themselves out of the feelings lock experienced. Usually, they’ll offer you (and themselves) an excuse that provides sense to them. Miscellaneous which lets them frame things in a way they can rationally understand.

Some typical examples but certainly not the degree of them:

I don’t worthy you.

I’m not ready for commitment.

I have a background with them.

The perform goes on.

Usually, it constantly boils down to the same thing. They’re no yet ready for union. There’s still some healing to perform on the path ahead. As painful together this deserve to feel (and, to trust me, I know it) it’s part of the journey.

In rare situations, the initial meeting between two pair flames can actually reason a temporary repelling force and push girlfriend apart. I’ve spanned this as soon as looking in ~ the pair flame intense attraction that initial power doesn’t always manifest in love or also physical attraction. It can actually feel choose revulsion as soon as we don’t know far better and, for a time, deserve to push you into the eight of something i beg your pardon seems more ‘normal’. Rarer, but it happens.

Can Your pair Flame Marry who Else?


I’m aware there’s periodically some discussion approximately this but I think I’ve seen enough twin flame journies to quickly answer this one. Yes. Your twin flame have the right to marry someone else either prior to or after their initial meeting with you.

It sucks. It’s painful. That won’t make sense to the twin flame chaser and also you’ll feel prefer screaming at the cosmos out that frustration.

But it’s component of the journey and also it walk happen.

Can Your twin Flame fall in Love through Someone Else?

This concern is a little an ext complicated.

I’ve covered the idea of false pair flames before and also why they have the right to be for this reason dangerous so i won’t get too much into the details there however it’s entirely possible for your pair flame to autumn in love through someone else.

Now, the said. It’s not the same thing as the sort of link they would have actually with you. The difficulty is they don’t know that. This isn’t a logical decision, it’s tough to even contact it an emotional one – it’s a spirituality decision.

Your pair flame could be entirely unaware that the journey, they can be waylaid by a false twin flame or they can be subconsciously aware and their expertise of what a 2D partnership ‘should’ be is simply causing them to fight it tooth and nail.

I’ve certainly seen situations where twin flames in another relationship were clearly dissatisfied there however still unprepared to perform anything differently due to the fact that they just weren’t ready.

What to in reality DO around Twin Flames in various other Relationships

If you’re the twin flame chaser and also it’s your twin flame in another relationship you could have even skipped right to this section.

While this can be part of the journey, that doesn’t do it any easier but this isn’t one area whereby you’re walk to be able to reason with them. On some level, they’re entirely mindful of the journey you’re on but that doesn’t constantly translate well right into their action on the 2D. Specifically in the early stages.

There space two points you should no do at this stage.

Firstly – don’t entirely write the your twin flame. Just due to the fact that they’re in one more relationship that doesn’t typical this isn’t a true twin flame journey. The just means there’s a painful problem you’re both walking to have actually to resolve at part stage.

Secondly – do not try and interfere with their relationship.

It might be tempting but aside native the injury you’re walking to reason to the human being they’re in a connection with it’s most likely going to journey a additional rift in between you and your pair flame.

If this is your twin flame climate the other relationship is going come end.

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The just thing you need to focus on is advancing your very own journey. Stay open to your pair flame and also follow the indicators the universe presents yet focus ~ above your own spiritual growth. As frustrating together it deserve to be – it’s the finest thing you can do for both the you.

If you want some additional guidance, take a few minutes to obtain a pair flame spread out on your route ahead: