In Magic, life is a priceless resource; players lose it once their health and wellness reaches zero. Boosting your beginning value gives greater penalty latitude and increases lifegain-related benefits, making that worthwhile to boost your beginning value.

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In standard commander, players start with 40 life if in standard, they start with 20; in any type of case, having actually surpluses can aid you to buy time if your match goes south. Life-giving talents space widespread in both white and black people, but you’ll find them in every race—which one reigns supreme? These room Magic: The Gathering’s top 10 life-gaining effects!

Scavenging Ooze


This is one of the list’s much more surprising additions. Once it involves life gain methods, this biology does not instantly mind, however after reading its ability, the fits well right into the archetype.

It’s inexpensive and also has respectable stats as a 2/2. It also has the an excellent ability come exile a card from a graveyard because that one green, and if this map is a creature, it receives +1+1, and also you acquire 1 life.

This card’s capacity allows friend to deal with troublesome cards in graveyards when also enabling you to activate your life acquire synergy cards.

Firesong and Sunspeaker

Both the white and black factions advantage from Spirit and Vampiric Link, i beg your pardon are basically the same card. Girlfriend can affix these auras to any creature, and also it will gain a equivalent amount the life anytime it deals damage (much favor the lifelink trait), also non-combat damage.

Furthermore, you may bestow your links on an enemy unit, which will constantly restore your life (not your controller), do this combination as powerful at delaying enemy monsters as it is at bolstering her own.



This is a simple yet effective card. The primary role is to offer as one old-school Counterspell in Azorius colors. It also has the strength to save your life while doing so. It might be play at breakneck speed, and also the only drawback is that it calls for a shade commitment.

Aside native that, it’s a an excellent 3 counter that offers you life. This map is ideal for any type of life gain control deck.

Lathie, the Bounteous Dawn

This map is a super-effective boardwipe. It’s a 5 mana sorcery, i m sorry isn’t a bad price to pay for a board wipe. It also has the crazy capability to provide you life proportional to the number of monsters destroyed.

It’s a must-have in any white commander deck, and any life acquire Commander deck. Except the fact that that is a standard-priced plank wipe that also gives friend life, over there isn’t much to say around the card. It’s quite good.

Obzedat, Ghost Council

This is the biggest artifact map for a life obtain deck. The multiplies the influence of her game plan by doubling the lot of life friend gain, and it have the right to also double the number of cards girlfriend draw.

Of course, drawing cards in a life get deck is difficult, but this map becomes quite strong when an unified with other synergistic components.

Its mana expense of 5 is the key deterrent to ranking greater on the perform of optimal life get Commander cards.

Oloro, Ageless Ascetic


Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is a six-mana White, Blue, and Black 4/5 with a number of very valuable abilities when it comes to acquiring and using extr life. Because that starters, you’ll knife two lives in your upkeep nevertheless of even if it is they’re in a beat or the command zone.

You can also pay one mana to attract a card and also compel each enemy to shed one life anytime you get life. Once it comes to nearly any strategy, Esper colors market a many of interesting toys, and the Blue really helps you safeguard whatever ridiculous combinations you’re attempting to placed together.

Noble Purpose

This card have the right to be thought about a “cheap way” to victory games. During its time in Standard, it was a mainstay. Many manage decks planned to play it prior to drawing come it. This card had more power in Standard due to the fact that you could have several copies in your hand and cast castle one ~ the other.

In Commander, however, this is not the case. This reduces the effectiveness of this card in the format, however it still has actually some that its best features.

First, because it is a victory condition, that draws the attention of your opponents. This means they’d try to death you or resolve it in her library prior to you could play the again. In any kind of case, it gives you the possibility to win in a different an approach while they’re preoccupied.

Finally, it gives you life, i m sorry buys girlfriend time. 7 mana for 7 resides isn’t insignificant. That isn’t perfect, yet it is functional. For any control-oriented deck, this is a an excellent try-out together a backup or main approach.

Willowdusk, significance Seer

Tamanoa’s stats are a respectable 2/4 because that a three-cost creature, and her distinct effects permit your non-creature spells to heal you when they inflict damage. To make use of the benefit, usage red’s broad an option of devastating instants and also sorceries (“Blasphemous Act,” “Fiery Justice,” etc.).

Even better, the ability works even when non-creature spells execute direct damage to you, hence neutralizing the controller-damaging results of cards prefer “Karplusan Forest” and “Inferno.”

Dawn of Hope

Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim is a 2/3 through deathtouch for one White and also one black color mana. They are extremely powerful due to two abilities. The first demands you to sacrifice a biology for one mana, ~ which you can obtain life equal to the Creature’s toughness.

The 2nd ability costs three mana and demands an additional sacrifice, but it allows you to exile a non-land irreversible if you have actually at the very least ten much more life 보다 you started with. The removal is fantastic, and also if you style your deck about Creatures that enjoy being sacrificed, you’ll have actually a blast with Ayli.

Divinity the Pride


Pride’s unexplained mana symbols accept either white or black color mana, enabling you deserve to use her in Orzhov themes without being landlocked, and also she both rewards and also grants lifegain. You acquire a flying 4/4 v lifelink for five mana, i m sorry is already a good value. However, Pride’s amazing impact gives her +4/+4 if your wellness is at the very least 25!

In command format, you begin with roughly twin this number, making proud a monster 8/8 in many cases. Even if her life falls listed below the threshold, Pride’s lifelink can assist friend in regaining regulate of your life by permitting you to use her fierce latent powers quickly.

Aetherflux Reservoir

When a God is right halfway increase a list, it claims a lot around how solid Magic cards are. Heliod, Sun-Crowned is a three-mana indestructible White 5/5 that just becomes a biology if her White devotion is five or higher.

You have the right to put a +1/+1 counter on a biology or charm you control whenever you gain life, and you deserve to spend 2 mana to grant one more Creature lifelink. You deserve to literally success the video game by merely doing this through Walking Ballista or Triskellion.

Ajani’s Welcome

K’rrik, Yawgmoth’s boy is an intriguing card. As I stated in mine previous post, optimal 10 Best totally free Spells in Commander, I’ve constantly been captivated by the id of Phyrexian mana. He has actually lifelink, which allows you to salary 2 life rather of black mana in any kind of card, i m sorry is a very solid ability. Its last capability is to offer him a +1+1 respond to for each black color card you play.

This card demonstrates the strength of Phyrexian mana, and also it has actually the potential to it is in incredibly damaged in a deck tuned to manipulate it. K’rrik is a good commander to have in her 99 decks, whether it’s mono-black or command life obtain decks of various other colors.

Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice


Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice, is terrific token commander, however she also excels in ~ lifegain. If you decision to execute both, they should most likely be the ones who lead the charge. You obtain a 2/5 for two Green and two White mana.

Then, whenever another Creature under your manage enters the battlefield, you acquire life same to their toughness, and you deserve to tap them come populate for three mana. This offers you a lot of choices when it pertains to playing Trostani, and also while we favor her together a token commander, you’ll be acquiring a most life, so doing both isn’t a bad idea.

Soul’s Attendant/Soul Warden



Attendant and also Warden space both weak 1/1 human clerics that give you a life whenever an additional creature start the field, giving a monster version of Ajani’s Welcome.

In general, they’re same powerful, return Attendant has actually a small edge in her “may gain” phrasing, which permits you to escape her power if necessary—we’ll go through some instances later. Top top the various other hand, Warden is a continuous member that my very own commander decks as result of her lower price of less than a dollar!

Blind Obedience

Vito, the Dusk increased Thorn is a three-mana black color 1/3 the is half of a well known combination. You see, every time you acquire life, your foe loses the same amount that life. That indicates they can function as a back-up copy of Sanguine link if necessary. That implies you can nearly immediately win the video game by spreading Exquisite Blood.

They also have a five-mana capacity that provides every one of your Creatures lifelink till the finish of the round, which way you always have a many potential life lying about ready to be used. They’re really effective.

Soul Link


Soul connect costs an ext mana than Spirit and also Vampiric Link, yet it has actually a better effect: whenever the attached unit transaction or take away damage, the restores her life. Both abilities occupational if a biology injures itself, which is helpful for cards like “Stuffy Doll.”

You deserve to use this on either your very own warrior or a rival’s soldier; either way, Soul connect gives friend life (and not its controller).

Karlov of the Ghost Council

This artifact gives a tiny but consistent and low-cost lifegain tool, offering one life at her expense. Furthermore, it may be used by any kind of theme because of that is colorlessness, providing useful defenses even for non-white or black decks.

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Renewal gives a exorbitant self-destruction opportunity, allowing you to pay 3 mana and sacrifice it to draw a card. As soon as your opponent’s spells negate or penalize lifegain, or as soon as you require cards more than vitality, usage this.