- You’ll create this quest while looking about Diamond City. Numerous of the NPCs here are quite liberal around things they’ve heard about, and one of lock will, probably after a couple of minutes that exploration, phone call you about the freedom Trail. This will create the pursuit and suggest you in the direction of your very first destination, Boston Common.

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- Boston common is located to the northeast of Diamond City. It’s no a lengthy walk, however you have to wander through some hairy territory to get there, many of the belonging to Super Mutants (and if you get really unlucky, the occasional Mr. Gutsy unit). If you desire to protect against danger, pole to earlier alleys and also move quietly. Trinity Square is particularly dangerous, provided the presence of at sight Mutants in Trinity Tower.
- Upon come in Boston common - which is, itself, pretty quiet, and only hazardous thanks to the visibility of radiation barrels in a gazebo - check the small park’s east side. There’s a fountain here, spanned in sculpture of elegant women, v a authorize out front about the liberty Trail. Check the mite on the ground in prior of the sign. That proves the hints ‘7’ and ‘A’.
- If girlfriend speak to the tourism Bot in the pod close to this fountain - struggle the ‘Tell Me More’ switch to activate the - it will certainly tell you around several things, consisting of the liberty Trail itself. The follow is a red piece of brick, set into the sidewalks, the originates at the mite you just read and winds up the street. It will certainly take friend north, come the Massachusetts State House. There’s an additional marker the end front, this one with the numbers ‘4’ and also ‘L’. (You don’t have to go inside the State House, yet you can if you want. We’ll explore it in a different article.)
A super Mutant base exterior Faneuil Hall.These guys mean business.

- Keep following the Trail from here, winding v the streets. The red brick periodically gets covered by debris and also overgrown grass, and you’ll need to make part occasional educated guesses, however it constantly continues after a short while. The sample of password continues, v a brand-new marker in front of each brand-new landmark friend discover. You’ll find the complying with marker password in prior of their corresponding landmarks:
Be cautious while wandering follow me the Trail. Boston is as perilous as usual, and a couple of of the landmarks room dangerous. The Burying floor is populated by Ghouls, the stretch in between Burying Ground and also Old State home is own by the supervisor Mutants, Mongrels and Ghouls sit in between Old State House and Old edge Bookstore, a huge band of super Mutants (including one Suicider and one dude with a Missile Launcher) own Faneuil Hall, and there’s another tiny Super Mutant group between the Hall and Old phibìc Church, your final destination.
The real finish of the flexibility Trail in autumn 4.RAILROAD!

- (Quick note: Yes, if you recognize what you’re law already, go have the right to go directly here and not follow the appropriate Freedom trail. Yet that’s no fun, currently is it?)
- pop inside. The first room is safe, but the key section of the Church is occupied by Feral Ghouls. Mercifully, not numerous of lock are active - but there space a the majority of suspicious bodies. Relocate slowly and use V.A.T.S. To identify which bodies should be shot prior to you obtain too close. Over there aren’t numerous items come be uncovered here, for this reason don’t spend lot time looking around. You’ll require a light resource to navigate most of the time.
- (If you feeling like trying out thoroughly you can find a door behind the body organ that leader to the Church’s Steeple, wherein you’ll uncover some boy items. There’s no much suggest going up right here now, though, aside from a cap Stash, a Bobby pin Box, and a Sniper Rifle. Don’t try to walk along the roof, you will fall. Just sayin’.)
- A door in the northeast edge of the key area leads downstairs, to a crypt. The course is straightforward, and also there are more Ghouls waiting. Killing them together you walk along. At the end of the path you’ll find another plate set into the wall. You deserve to spin this bowl clockwise and also counterclockwise, and also ‘press’ the central plate. By act this you can get in a password native the letter hints you got along the Trail. Spell it out and also you’ll have actually to get in RAILROAD. Perform so - you have to press the central plate each time girlfriend spin to a number - and also a door will open to your left.

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- to walk inside and also you’ll be challenged by the members that the Railroad, one organization specialized to saving Synths. Your leader, Desdemona, will certainly pepper you through questions. (If you’ve been helping the Minutemen a lot, suppose a far better reception.) regardless of just how you answer you’ll wind up with a new mission, Tradecraft, and brand-new potential allies.