This is a overview to the pursuit titled whereby the Cat and also Wolf Play... From The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Check out on to find out locations, rewards, finest choices, ideal outcomes, as well as useful tips and also strategy because that completing this quest.

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Contract: The Beast of Honorton Where the Cat and also Wolf Play... -


The best an option here would be to spare Gaetan. You will protect against a fight and still be able to get Teigr, to add 250 Crowns.

Where the Cat and Wolf Play... Tips and Strategies

Fighting Gaetan

You have the right to decide to let that drink a swallow Potion prior to the fight. It is best if you choose not come let him. If you do let him, it will result with the throwing a bomb as the struggle begins, blinding Geralt, i beg your pardon will protect against you native locking on manually, and your attacks will not have the automatically lock-on either.

Gaetan will fight choose other human being enemies, v the difference being the he has actually light and also heavy attacks, and that he will also use signs against Geralt. He have the right to use Quen, Aard and also Igni. He is human, so making use of Hanged Man\"s Venom will be effective against him. Friend can also stun him v a Samum Bomb, Aard, and also Axii.

His sword assaults can additionally occasionally reason bleeding ~ above hit. The is ideal to shot to respond to his attacks, as he will certainly be agressive, offering you plenty of avenues to do so. When countered, walk for at the very least 3 light strikes or 2 hefty attacks, then dodge automatically after in situation he retaliates.

Counter heavy Loop

One technique a player can use come beat Gaetan is by against his assault then hitting him twice with hefty attacks. After ~ the 2nd hit, he will usually shot to attack right away. This is as soon as you counter him again. Store repeating till he is dead.

This deserve to take a bit of time to perfectly execute together he have the right to either do a irradiate or heavy attack when he strikes back. A light attack will necessitate the time of the respond to to it is in fast, while a heavy attack will need to be a little bit later. That may likewise occasionally use Quen in in between your attacks.

Beware the the respond to can be inconsistent ~ above uneven ground.

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