Conan Exiles Brimstone is a yellow crystal through a foul smell and can be supplied for every manner of dark rituals. It is among the most an important and searched for resources in the game. Brimstones room treasures therefore you might need to do a small treasure searching to discover them as they space scattered throughout the Conan Exiles map.

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Conan Exiles Brimstone are an unified with other structure material and produce stole fire, fire arrows, star steel bar, and also other strong crafts. They sweet 0.06 and can it is in stacked up to 200 pieces.

You will require a rock pick come harvest brimstones. Or if you want to be much more efficient and get an ext brimstone in less time, upgrade your rock pick to iron choose or stole pick. You have to be mindful when getting brimstone due to the fact that it has actually fumes that space dangerous so you must prepare because that it.

You deserve to use a sandstorm breath mask or spend 40 clues in survive attributes and also you’ll be immune come poison, gas, and also diseases.

Where to discover Conan Exiles Brimstone?

Galliman’s Tomb

It is found east that Sinners Refuge. You can harvest about 1000 brimstones indigenous this cave. Yet be all set to hit or run because this cavern is swamped through hungry crocodiles. Friend will additionally face right here the “king” crocodile in ~ the finish of the cave.

Deathwhisper damages Caves

Not challenged by the crocodiles yet? How about poisonous spiders and also skeletons instead here at Deathwhisper ruins Caves? This ar can provide you 400-500 brimstones but it is riskier 보다 shattered springs, Galliman’s Tomb and also Sinners Refuge.

Shattered Springs

It is the best location where you deserve to get approximately 3000 brimstones however it comes with a price. The location is strictly secured by many mobs. Gain ready come encounter and also fight rhinos and also locusts here. These rocks are shaped in spikes protruded indigenous the spring’s bottom.

Sinners Refuge

This is the easiest place you can find which can give you roughly 300 brimstones harvested from the nodes located at its entrance and very first room. The mass of the brimstone is at the last room the the cave. Girlfriend can quickly defeat humanoids found here.

On a offered chance, Trolls, Undead Shalebacks, Rocknoses and also Fighters/Archers can drop brimstone occasionally.

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Conan Exiles Brimstone Use

Brimstone’s main use is for creating Steel Fire. Steel fire is provided for crafting stole Bars, Dragon Powder and also Hardened stole Bars. Brimstones room a need for crafting an ext powerful tools and also facilities.