Mining stone can yield various kinds of resources, periodically the type of stone affects what sources are obtained, however one the the sources that constantly appears is Flint.

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Flint is among the much more common sources in Ark, gift able to it is in gathered early on once you have actually the method to mine.

Although this resource is straightforward to get and may appear to be plentiful, there is much an ext to it 보다 meets the eye and you will be needing quite a huge stock that it.

How to farm Flint?

The only method for football player to farm yard Flint is by mining the different rocks that deserve to be found roughly the maps in Ark.

The majority of the boulders you discover (except for metal nodes) will administer you through Flint when harvesting, and also you must use a Pick fairly than a Hatchet to mine.

Using a Mining Drill will yield an amount of Flint, however it normally provides an ext Stone and this have the right to be quite a ns if you room attempting come get more Flint.

Best way To farm yard Flint

The best method to farm yard Flint is to usage an Ankylosaurus, Mantis v Pick, or just to Harvest v a Pick, although that is much simpler to harvest with domesticated creatures.

Running approximately with a Pick may be a suitable method early top top to acquire Flint yet using a Mantis would certainly prove to be much better as they room mobile and can use a Pick.

An Ankylosaurus can obtain a an excellent amount that Flint however these are slow and its finest if you team up v a friend to use a flyer such as a n Argentavis or Quetzal to lug the Ankylosaurus around.

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Flint Uses

Flint is generally mixed with rock to create Sparkpowder, which is later on used to do Gunpowder to be offered for ammunition.

This is an essential resource once it involves PVP and also other ammunition needs in the game, together it is difficult to produce ammunition without it.

Aside from being used to develop Sparkpowder and after that Gunpowder, Flint still has its various other uses and also may be provided to craft other items.


LancePoison GrenadeSmoke GrenadeSpear


Spear BoltStone Arrow


CompassPliersScissorsStone HatchetTaxidermy ToolTorch


Arthropluera SaddleIchthyosaurus SaddleManta SaddleRefining Forge


CampfireCooking PotStanding TorchStone FireplaceWall TorchWater Well




Flint is mainly obtained early on after ~ you have crafted a stone Pick, which deserve to be offered to get your very first bits the Stone, Flint, and even metal from rocks.

The stone Pick have the right to be built by collecting the tiny pieces of rock lying around and by harvesting the remainder from plants and trees.

It is impossible to continue towards higher-tech there is no the salvation of Flint together this is necessary not just for tools, but likewise the resources compelled to craft far better items and structures.

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The best way to obtain flint in Ark is to use an Ankylosaurus or Mantis with a Pick, return the Ankylosaurus have the right to bear an ext weight.