Skyrim"s DLC Dragonborn introduced the armor sets chitin armor and bonemold armor, but to handmade them, football player will very first need to obtain netch leather.

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Netch leather is an object that was introduced with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim"s DLC Dragonborn and is offered to make unique armor sets. Luckily, over there are many ways to acquire Netch animal leather in Skyrim. 

Smithing is just one of the most beneficial skill trees in Skyrim. Through leveling up the smithing ability and adding perks come the ability tree, players deserve to unlock more powerful armor types. However, it can be a little of a grind to level up the skill, either by payment a skilled smith to teach the Dragonborn the skill or by manually upgrading weapons and making number of pieces that armor indigenous scratch. And also with the DLC DragonbornSkyrim brought the island of Solstheim to the map, where players can uncover a ton of brand-new items used in crafting recipes and armor creation.

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Netch leather was presented in Dragonborn as well, so football player will first need to have actually either purchased the DLC or be playing the Legendary Edition, which contains all Skyrim DLC.

A dragon close to the Solstheim Dragon Mound
The main ar to uncover netch animal leather is ~ above Solstheim, to reduce by betty netches and also bull netche, which room large, floating beasts that look comparable to jellyfish. Don"t wrong betty and also bull netches for their youngling counterpart, netch calves, which have the right to be noted by their smaller size. Netch calves just drop netch jelly. Additionally on Solstheim, in crow Rock, the Breton blacksmith Glover Mallory occasionally sells it, as does Fethis Alor, likewise in crow Rock.

The Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim also presented Apocrypha, a plane of Oblivion belonging to the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. The Dragonborn need to travel right here as a component of the main questline for Dragonborn, and it"s only available by reading the Black publications while in Solstheim. However, once players space there, lurkers will occasionally drop netch leather.

Netch animal leather is generally used to handmade two species of armor in Skyrim: chitin armor and also bonemold armor. If bonemold and chitin armor aren"t powerful in comparison to other types of armor the are obtained further down the line, such as Deathbrand"s Armor, additionally found transparent Solstheim, they space both formidable set for earlier player builds.

Chitin armor calls for a smithing level of 30 in Skyrim and also the Elven Smithing perk in order to craft. Bonemold armor, ~ above the various other hand, just requires a smithing level the 15 and the stole Smithing perk to craft it. If players space specifically seeking the end the bonemold armor, it deserve to be plunder from Reavers in Solstheim and also Redoran Guards.

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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available ~ above PC, playstation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.