Red dots optics are one of the most well-known sighting tools for one AR15 rifle. In this article, us will discuss how to recognize the ideal placement for her 1x red dot optic.

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Mounting her red on the gun’s receiver will make her life easier.

We carry out not introduce mounting it on the handguard. There space two factors for this:

AR15’s room dirty and also need to be cleaned often. In order to clean your gas system and also barrel, friend will have to remove the handguard. If her red period is placed to the handguard and also you remove it, you will need to re-zero the optic every time friend clean her rifle.Your handguard is much much less stable than the recipient of her gun. The handguard is vulnerable to vibrations and also play which have the right to throw turn off the zero on her optic. Because that these reasons, us recommend friend mount your red period on optimal of the rifles’ receiver.

As a general dominion of thumb, you desire to mount your 1x red period optic as far forward as you can.

Mounting her red period as much forward as feasible on the receiver will certainly maximize her peripheral view and also situational awareness.

This is done since the whole suggest of utilizing a 1x red dot is to shoot v both eye open and also increase peripheral vision. The further back your optic is, the much more your peripheral vision is obstructed by the optic itself. Having the optic as far forward together it deserve to be will rise your peripheral vision or situational awareness by as much as 30%. This is a vast amount and can help reduce tunnel vision.

We room mounting this AT3 Tactical RD-50 in the 2nd picatinny slot top top the receiver.

Some optics may be placed at this location but will cant forward end the handguard. That is totally fine as you deserve to still eliminate the handguard as required without having to re-zero her optic.

This mount is an instance of one that cants forward end the handguard.

Maybe the most necessary note around 1x red period optic location is making sure your eye line matches up to the facility of the optic as soon as the rifle is shouldered. If you have the correct mount for her red dot, this need to be accomplished no issue how much forward your optic is mounted. If you uncover yourself needing to raise or reduced your head to facility your eyes on the optic, you might need a different riser mount.

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