I have actually mentioned countless times on these pages that ns love looking right into the story of this Christian Athletes and also sharing how God is functioning in their lives. I also enjoy recognize the curious parts of their stays that add intrigue to their stories. Maybe an athletes is also a blogger (Benjamin Watson and Jeremy Affeldt, or climbs hills in your spare time (R.A. Dickey), authored children’s publications (Donald Driver and also Eric Fehr) or your strange name has a cool an interpretation (O.J. Atogwe or Jarrod Saltalamacchia). There are exciting things in all the story that I have shared, but the story ns share today may have an ext levels that intrigue that any other the I have actually shared so far. Today, us look at the story of defensive Lineman Rosey Grier.

The an initial bit of interest for me is that Rosey and I share a birthday. I remember my mother was always aware of celebrities the we shared a birthday v in our family. It is the factor that I have a personalized greeting from chairman Gerald Ford. We common a birthday, for this reason she sent him a greeting on my behalf and a couple months later, I got a note from him. Anyway, Rosey Grier was an additional name that was on my “birthday list”. Ns knew he to be a soccer player, however only over the previous year have actually I yes, really learned the Rosey to be so much an ext than a football player end the food of his life.

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