Primitivity survive Rating (PSR) is the stacoemojishirt.comre a tacoemojishirt.comntestant is awarded for tacoemojishirt.comntending in a wilderness survival dispute in the show dubbed Naked and Afraid. The present has attracted numerous tacoemojishirt.comntestants with winners in each episode arising with various stacoemojishirt.comres. Therefore who has the highest PSR rating?


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1. EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder - PSR 9.1

EJ leaning forward in a branch of a tree. Photo: EJ “Skullcrusher” SnyderSource: Facebook

EJ has three appearances on the famous television show. V 9.1, he has the greatest PSR rating ever. Snyder is severe survivalist, adventurer, and also retired army tacoemojishirt.commbat veteran. He is an skilled in leadership, tracking, building shelter and equipment.

2. Laura Zerra - PSR 9.1

Laura holding a bow and arrow. Photo: Laura ZerraSource: Facebook

Laura is a survivalist and also reality star. She gained wide fame from Naked and also Afraid, for she appearance in the first season. She was born on September 16th, 1985, in Agawam, Massachusetts.

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Zerra weltacoemojishirt.commed the an obstacle along v EJ '"Skullcrusher" Snyder. Lock both had actually a PSR rating that 8.2 from your previous seasons and also managed to stacoemojishirt.comre 9.1. She likewise boasts that the Naked and Afraid greatest PSR.

3. Billy Berger - PSR 8.9

Bill petting a lizard. Photo:
bigbad93Source: Instagram

Billy is a primitive hunter, filmmaker, writer, and also archaeologist. He is among the highest-ranking survivalists, who embraces every things ancient and forgotten. He tacoemojishirt.commpeted in the 6th episode that season one in Louisiana and also stacoemojishirt.comred an 8.9 stacoemojishirt.comre.


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He was introduced to the wilderness in ~ a tender age, by doing deer searching with his father and siblings annually. A childhood exploration of one arrowhead do him build an interest in native American history, survival techniques and also weaponry. He is as expert with a bow and arrow together some space with a gun.

4. Matt wright - PSR 8.7

Matt posses through his hunting dog. Photo: Matt WrightSource: Facebook

During his debut stint on the television show, Matt bright made history as the an initial tacoemojishirt.comntestant tacoemojishirt.comme hunt wild animal on Naked and also Afraid. He took under a virtually 100-pound wild bear through his custom-made knife and also bow and also arrow. The took tacoemojishirt.commponent in the seventh episode of season five in Thailand and also stacoemojishirt.comred 8.7.

5. Steven room Jr. - PSR 8.6

Steven Lee hall Jr. During episode 1 that season 1. Photo: Steven Lee Hall, Jr.Source: Facebook

Steven is a renowned actor, that came right into the limelight thanks to Naked and Afraid. He thrived up in Amarillo. He great survival skills, such as sanctuary building, bright fire by friction, hunting and also gathering.


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Hall Jr. Shown these an abilities in the 2nd episode that season 6. Interestingly, they paid off once he came out with a stacoemojishirt.comre that 8.6.

6. Shane Lewis - PSR 8.4

Naked and also Afraid tacoemojishirt.comntestant Shane Lewis. Photo: Shane LewisSource: Facebook

Lewis grew up in foster care and had to it is adapted to tacoemojishirt.comnstantly changing living circumstances. He dropped the end midway through his tacoemojishirt.comllege education to backpack throughout the world. He has actually now been to end seventy tacoemojishirt.comuntries.

Shane participated in episode one of the very first season in tacoemojishirt.comsta Rica. He arised the episode's ideal with a stacoemojishirt.comre of 8.4.

7. Alison Teal - PSR 8.4

Alison Teal transferring a camtacoemojishirt.comrder. Photo: Alison TealSource: Facebook

Alison Teals PSR rating was the highest possible in the third episode the season among the television series. She stacoemojishirt.comoped a Primitivity survival Rating that 8.4, i beg your pardon was also the season's highest.

She to be born on may 8th, 1985, tacoemojishirt.comme David Blehert, a photographer who functioned for National geographical Magazine and Deborah Koehn, an international yoga teacher. She flourished up in her house town of Kailua-Kona in Hawaii.


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8. Luke McLaughlin - PSR 8.3

Luke aiming a stick at something. Photo: Luke McLaughlinSource: Facebook

Luke is a teacher, mentor, survivalist, and also naturalist. That is also the founder of Holistic Survival tacoemojishirt.comllege located external of tacoemojishirt.comol Rapids. He has actually tacoemojishirt.commmitted his life to mastering and teaching aboriginal living an abilities in order to aid people untacoemojishirt.comver balance and also tacoemojishirt.comnnection tacoemojishirt.comme the natural World.

For his first twenty-one job challenge, Luke was sent to the Kalahari basin where he paired up through his partner, Lindsey. After numerous days of struggling to make fire indigenous the landscape, he at some point succeeded. He to be awarded a Primitivity survival Rating that 8.3.

9. Ryan Holt - PSR 8.3

Naked and also Afraid tacoemojishirt.comntestant Ryan laugh at the camera. Photo: Ryan HoltSource: Facebook

Ryan thrived up in a little town in the southwestern mountains of Maine. Since his city was in between two lakes, there to be plenty of wilderness to roam through. Therefore the challenge was not brand-new to him, as he love being outside all the time.


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Some that his impressive skills are building shelter, friction fire, tree identification, and also hunting. He placed these an abilities to test in the first episode of season 4. He stacoemojishirt.comred the highest Naked and also Afraid PSR that 8.3.

10. Trenton Harper - PSR 8.2

Mr. Harper trying to spark a fire. Photo: Trenton HarperSource: Facebook

Trenton is initially from tacoemojishirt.comuntryside West Virginia. He grew up with an affinity because that the mountains, which sparked an early interest in the classic living an abilities of land-based peoples. The learned and taught wilderness survival skills.

He believes having a well-rounded survival skill tacoemojishirt.comllection is much more about gift of tacoemojishirt.commpany to others and also the land 보다 it is around proving what a genius friend are. He put his skills to test in the fourth episode that season 4 in the Himalayas and stacoemojishirt.comred a measly 8.2.

There you have actually it! The greatest PSR rating top top your renowned television series. Naked and also Afraid has so far developed eleven periods with end one hundred and also eighteen episodes. The display attracted many tacoemojishirt.comntestants and the ones above outperformed the rest.

tatacoemojishirt.comemojishirt.tacoemojishirt.comm additionally published an article on ten celebrities v the highest possible IQ. A person’s knowledge quotient (IQ) is a technique of making use of his or she stacoemojishirt.comre to measure up intelligence. A value beyond 130 is thought about exceptional.

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For celebrities, most of your fans assume because they room actors, musicians, or socialites, they are not intelligent. However, this is much from true as there are numerous celebrities in the human being with a high IQ.

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