Several websites virtual are focused on writing and also publishing around the net worths that the rich and affluent in the culture but none focuses on the poor and how they ended up in such a state. An excellent lessons might be learned from how civilization amassed wealth and also later lost it all as result of some choices they made decision to make. That seems favor the poor inspires no one but the story of exactly how a wealthy male Jerome Kerviel turned out to be the poorest male in the civilization would certainly inspire you.

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Jérôme Kerviel is the poorest person in the world. Jerome Kerviel is a French trader, consultant, and former employee at one of the largest financial institutions in Europe, Société Générale.

Jérôme Kerviel is finest known together the businessman who shed the largest amount of money in the world. He to be convicted and imprisoned in 2008 because that breach of trust, forgery, and also unauthorized usage of computers.


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How much money does Jerome Kerviel have?

Jerome Kerviel got a job at Lemaire Consultants & Associates in April 2008 once he to be awaiting trial. He to be hired as a technology consultant earning 2,300 euros monthly. Kerviel is life a common life now. Number of reports define Jérôme Kerviel together the most indebted human in the world owing Société Générale $6.3 billion. Yet Kerviel’s blame to Société Générale is not as much as $6.3 billion as a French appeals court slashed the lot of damages due to be payment by the rogue trader to €1m ($1.12m; £860,000) in September 23, 2016.

One deserve to say Kerviel is not indebted as the financial institution itself believes that won’t be able to pay. A spokeswoman because that SocGen, Caroline Guillaumin, claimed that the restitution to be “symbolic”, and also that the financial institution had no expectation that the amount would be paid. However, a report by 20 minutes in June 2020 states the bank has not fully abandoned the idea the recovering the €1m native Kerviel. The report added that the bank notified Kerviel’s lawyer come inquire about the payment bespeak by the court.

Where is Jérôme Kerviel now?

What is Jerome Kerviel doing now? Jerome Kerviel is tho in Paris, France. He landing a job at Lemaire Consultants & Associates in April 2008 however it is not recognized if the still works v the firm. As result of how the is indebted, Kerviel will absolutely keep his employments out of the media therefore as not to trigger SocGen to chase him for their money.

Jerome Kerviel’s wife

Jérôme Kerviel and also his mam separated in 2008 prior to his arrest. Details that his wife is not known. It is currently not recognized if he at some point divorced and also remarried.

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Jerome Kerviel’s trip To becoming World’s Poorest Person

January 11, 1977 Born in Pont-l’Abbé, Brittany, France
1999He obtained a Bachelor level in finance in ~ the college of Nantes
September 2000Kerviel i graduated from Lumière college Lyon 2 through a master of Finance
2000Société Générale (SocGen) rental Kerviel
2001Kerviel unsuccessfully operation in municipal elections in Pont L’Abbe because that President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Centre-Right UMP party
2003Société Générale promotes Kerviel to businessman Assistant, working on risk analysis and hedging
March 2004Kerviel is supported to Trader and Market Maker.
2005He is advocated to the bank’s Delta One assets team in Paris
2006 – 2007Kerviel begins creating fictitious trades
January 2008Kerviel generates €1.4 billion in covert profits
January 9, 2008Jerome Kerviel amassed a share index futures place of US$73 exchange rate costing Societe Generale US$7.2 billion
January 19, 2008Société Générale uncovers not authorised trading attached to Jérôme Kerviel
January 25, 2008Police raid the Paris headquarters the SocGen and also Kerviel’s apartment come seize his computer system files
January 26, 2008Jerome Kerviel is taken into police custody after the Société Générale filed a lawsuit against him
January 28, 2008Kerviel is official charged v abuse that confidence and also illegal access to computers
January 28, 2008Kerviel is released from custody
January 29, 2008Judges reject the prosecutor’s bid to charge Kerviel with a an ext serious crime that “attempted fraud”
April 2008Lemaire Consultants & Associates hires Kerviel
June 8, 2010Kerviel’s trial begins
October 5, 2010Kerviel is found guilty and sentenced to five years that prison, through two year suspended, full restitution the the shed $6.7 billion, and also a long-term ban from working in financial services
October 24, 2012Paris appeals court upholds the October 2010 sentence to three years in jail with one more two suspended, and also ordered Kerviel to reimburse 4.9 exchange rate euros come SocGen for its loss
February 19, 2014Kerviel meets with Pope Francis external the Vatican
March 2014French high court upholds Kerviel’s prison sentence however rules he will not have to repay €4.9bn
September 8, 2014Kerviel is exit from Fleury Merogis jail after serving less than five months of detention
June 7, 2016Court of appeal of Versailles condemns SocGen for their unlawful shoot of Kerviel. French job court awards Jérôme Kerviel a full of €450,000 ($511,000) since he to be fired there is no “real or significant cause.”
September 23, 2016A French appeals court slashes the quantity of damages because of be paid by Jerome Kerviel to €1m ($1.12m; £860,000)
September 20, 2018France’s highest possible court of very nice one rejects the an appeal by Jerome Kerviel against his three-year jail sentence
December 19, 2018French appeals court rules that Societe Generale was justified in shooting Jerome Kerviel