Pretty tiny Liarswas a renowned Freeformtelevisionseries the ran indigenous 2010 to 2017. The teen-centric an enig drama focused on a group of teens from the fictional city of Rosewood.

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A year after the loss of Alison (Sasha Pieterse), the girls started to obtain cryptic message from “A.” The showcaptivated audienceswith intrigue, solid character development, and also shocking plot twists.

One of the best shocks came throughout the Season 2 finale as soon as a fan-favorite personality met she demise. It to be perhaps one of the show’s best mistakes, and here’s why.

Who was Maya?

#FlashbackFriday come Emily and Maya’s relationship! that shipped this two?! #PLL

— Pretty small Liars (
PLLTVSeries) November 25, 2016

There were plenty of unforeseen deaths throughout the seven-season operation ofPretty little Liars.MTV points the end that among the many “questionable are-they-or-aren’t-they disappearances” was the story arc for Maya St. Germain. Follow to Insider, Bianca Lawson to be 31 as soon as she play the duty of 16-year-old Maya.

The drama unfolded when Lyndon James (Sterling Sulieman) pretended to be Nate, Maya’s cousin. Fans to be taken aback in the Season 2 finale to uncover Lyndon “apparently murdered” Maya. It turns out he was yes, really her stalker, who was killed off in Season 3 once Emily (Shay Mitchell) stabs that in a lighthouse battle.

In the episode “unmAsked,” Maya’s body is discovered in Emily’s backyard, and her untimely death is rule a homicide.

Maya to be the brand-new girl in town that tried to break right into the clique of well-known girls at Rosewood job School. She was a recurring character because that the an initial two periods ofPretty little Liars. The confident teenager was Emily’s an initial girlfriend, and also together castle explored your sexuality coming to be lesbian lovers.

Fans think Maya’s death was ‘1000% unnecessary’


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In one interview withVulture,Pretty small Liarsshowrunner I. Marlene King explained fans were furious about Maya’s death. Saying the “Fans space still an extremely passionate about that storyline,” she revealed, “People sent out us pen to write her back into the story.”

BuzzFeedrecently request their neighborhood which television character need to never have actually been eliminated off. Maya fromPretty small Liarswas in ~ the height of the list. One user (Kelly Martinez) suggested, “Maya’s fatality was horrible and 1000% unnecessary. She to be Emily’s best girlfriend by far, and also I’m quiet so bitter the writers eliminated her off, particularly so beforehand in the show. What was also the suggest of her death?!”

What Bianca Lawson had actually to say around Maya’s untimely death

Teen Voguereported that Lawson to be unaware that Maya’s fate in 2013, saying, “I didn’t recognize she was gonna die.” She explained a fellow actors member claimed to her, “Oh, my God, I’m so sorry,” before she had actually a possibility to review the script.

As the just openly bisexual person on the show, the personality of Maya played a paramount function for LGBTQ viewers. Lawson to express toVulture, “I think it’s always a good thing once you can do miscellaneous that maybe goes versus the stereotype, and is freeing for people, and also you’re permitted to perform it in a way that’s honest and thoughtful.”

Lawson to be flattered to find fans reaction so strongly to her portrayal the Maya. She said, “When we carry out things, us don’t think about the real-world results it’s having, and also then civilization tell you these stories, and also it’s like,Oh, mine God.

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That’s the highest kind the compliment.”

Surprised through being written off the present early on, Lawson said, “That’s simply the nature that life in the business. I do feel that there to be something really lovely around what she had the ability to facilitate throughout her life prior to she disappears.”

Fans couldn’t agree more and want to see an ext of her multi-faceted character develop. It is perhaps among the greatest plot fails in the show’s an extensive run.

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