I feel like the biggest idiot but the first time I watched MASH I didn't even realize there were two different actors who played Donald Penobscott. He's played by Beeson Carroll and Tarzan actor Mike Henry. Didn't realize it until season 6, episode 10 "The MASH Olympics" where Donald seemed different to me. Either it's two actors or Maragaret was actually the true cheater in the relationship...

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It's two different actors. The seconds actor drives me nuts in that episode because all I see him as is junior from smoky and the bandit.

Another actor that I just spotted last night was Kevin Hagen. He played a colonel in the episode that Hawkeye purchased all of the camp garbage only to drop it on this colonel's head, then some episodes later, when Hawk heads to the peace talks after they (again) raised the points to get out, he is confronted in the end during the 'Red Party' at the camp as a MP who relays to Hawk to never again come to the peace talks. He then removes his helmet to reveal he too has red hair and is asked to stay to enjoy the party.

EDIT: He is best known for his role on Little House on the Prairie as Doc Baker

Haha! Well spotted! Now... can you name a couple other similar instances? I'm thinking of a doozy......

Mulcahy is different in the pilot. Harry Morgan plays both Col. Potter and a whackadoodle General. Spearchucker and ugly John just vanish into thin air.

I actually did a couple minutes of good ol' google research just now to find the actor's name... Stuart Margolin played both Capt. Phillip G. Sherman in season 1 and Maj. Stanley "Stosh" Robbins in season 2. I guess that's kind of the opposite of what you asked though (1 actor, 2 roles, vs 2 actors, 1 role). I know the actor that played Rosie changed at least twice, I think even three times.

It bothered me that they always made jokes about him being short and having no neck. He didn't live up to the description.

I mean I get you, but it wasn't that a big of a deal for me. Doubt they had the actor picked before they wrote the script for that scene. Plus, good luck finding a good actor with all those qualities Margaret kept drooling over as she talked about him.

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