Known to fans as "Nate the Great", Thurmond has had actually his No. 42 jersey retired by both the golden State Warriors and also the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Click to see full answer. Considering this, who is number 40 top top the golden State Warriors?

2005–06 season Ellis was selected v the 40th all at once pick in the 2005 NBA breeze by the gold State Warriors.

Beside above, is Nate Thurmond tho alive? July 16, 2016

Similarly, what walk the 42 mean on warriors jersey?

Nate Thurmond

What room the Warriors players numbers?

2019-20 gold State Warriors: Roster Player No Pos
Bowman, Ky 12 PG
Chriss, Marquese 32 PF
Curry, Stephen 30 PG
Green, Draymond 23 PF

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Who is the earliest on the Warriors?

Stephen Curry

Who is number 1 on the Warriors?

Damion Lee

Why go Kevin Durant leave the Warriors?

The Warriors winner the NBA championship in his first season with the team, and then repeated the next year. However after enduring a torn Achilles in the playoffs during his 3rd season v the team, KD chose to leave as a free agent. His attention in brand-new York was among the worst kept tricks in sports.

Who wore 23 for the Warriors?

Draymond environment-friendly

Is Steph Curry back?

Injured golden State warrior guard Stephen Curry is supposed to return to activity this season, at least according to head coach Steve Kerr that spoke candidly with Yahoo Sports" kris Haynes about his sidelined stars. At present, the 9-31 warriors sit dead last in the western Conference.

Who wore #15 for the Warriors?

Latrell Sprewell

Where did Kevin Durant go?

NEW YORK (AP) -- Kevin Durant is top to the Brooklyn Nets, leaving the gold State warriors after three seasons.

Who wore number 46 for the Warriors?

2017-18 Donruss #46 Stephen Curry warrior Athlete name Stephen Curry Team golden State Warriors organization NBA Manufacturer Donruss Brand Donruss

How did Nate Thurmond die?


What position did Nate Thurmond?

strength forward facility

When did Nate Thurmond die?

July 16, 2016

Who did Nate Thurmond pat for?

gold State warrior

When go Nate Thurmond play?

Nate Thurmond an individual information university Bowling environment-friendly (1960–1963) NBA draft 1963 / Round: 1 / Pick: third overall Selected through the mountain Francisco Warriors playing career 1963–1977

What university did Nate Thurmond go to?

Bowling green State college
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