Uncle Julius in a flashback step in episode one of "Survivor's Remorse," season three. CREDIT: Starz

Mike Epps" character Uncle Julius was discussed by Epps and also others going earlier to January in assorted stories online. There are reviews wherein Julius" status is referenced. It"s not really a secret. Yet if you really don"t desire to know, please stop reading NOW. I"m not kidding. For this reason don"t obtain angry if friend go below this paragraph.>

Technically, last season top top "Survivor"s Remorse" ended with a cliffhanger: go Uncle Julius make it through a car crash?

But when Mike Epps earlier this year was cast as the command of an alphabet remake the the John Candy movie "Uncle Buck," it became noticeable to everyone paying attention to TV that he had moved on and also his hilarious next character wasn"t walking to make it. (Unfortunately for Epps, alphabet cancelled "Uncle Buck" quickly after the debuted regardless of passable ratings. Perhaps "Survivor"s Remorse" should have just sent out him out of city instead?)

While on a collection visit earlier this spring at the Buckhead mansion that is taken into consideration basketball star cam Calloway"s crib, creator Mike O"Malley said he and Starz agreed come let Epps go due to the fact that they feeling this was the best career relocate for Epps – also if the wasn"t have to a an excellent situation for "Survivor"s Remorse."

“Mike Epps is a star," O"Malley said me. "Mike must be in the facility of his own show and also he wanted to be at the center of his own show. He pertained to me and said, ‘I have this tremendous opportunity. That what I’ve always wanted to do. Deserve to you let me the end of mine contract?’ He’s an extremely very popular however I’m an actor, also, and I recognize what opportunities mean to actors. Mike’s been around a lengthy time. For this reason Starz graciously let him of his contract.”

O"Malley, who knew around Epps" departure prior to season two had also started, claimed they had Epps for only three the end of 10 episodes because of "Uncle Buck."

So they do the risky creative decision to kill off Uncle Julius. O"Malley felt the character only being top top occasionally would throw fans the Epps off. He needed some means to for sure the show could move forward there is no Epps consistently in the picture.

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"His absence is feel on this show," O"Malley said, "but this cast throughout the board is immensely talented. We still have to make the show. So together we go into our season three, ours audience is walk to have to decide even if it is they desire to move forward with the five personalities who are still living and also the additional cast members that we have. Ns think lock will because I think the job-related they"re doing is tremendous."

The first episode this Sunday in ~ 10 p.m. Faces how the family members grapples with Uncle Julius" death. Each character start looking in ~ their very own lives, v each establish how breakable life have the right to be, the happiness can turn to tragedy in ~ the revolve of a dime.

"It shifts the emphasis of your life," O"Malley said. "It provides you think of vital things. "What go life typical to me? carry out I desire to have actually children? What"s my partnership with God?" The last line the Julius says at the end of season two is, "I wish I believed in God." "

The main trailer skirts any kind of of the darkness the pervades the first two episodes:

The maturing electronic came (Jessie T. Usher), the star Atlanta basketball player who brought his family members down from Boston, harbors heavy guilt because he bought a vehicle for his new girlfriend the indirectly brought about the crash. His girlfriend feels just as guilty.

As usual, former stone Mountain resident RonReaco Lee"s character and also Cam"s manager Reggie Vaughn assuages Cam. "You space one in a million, man. Friend made yourself into a man with a cape," Reggie speak Cam. "Don"t beat you yourself up because that doing what cape-wearing heroes do. Don"t turn an excellent gestures, sort gestures into anything bad. Friend make good things take place for so plenty of people."

"Uncle Julius didn"t require credit for being a good uncle," Reggie continued. "He just loved us and basked in united state being us, watching united state succeed."



This is not the ingredient of comedy. Also the flashback scene featuring Epps together Julius are bittersweet.

"This season started out in a very odd place for us," Lee said on set. "We commonly come earlier on the very first day, it"s prefer the very first day that school. We"re high fiving. However instead, we come earlier with this heavy scene in between Jessie and also me. It"s been a many draining season because that me. The an initial two weeks to be brutal."

The grief he had to channel end Julius" death spilled over right into his yes, really mind. "I was obtaining depressed," he said. He likewise thinks Julius" death makes Reggie "more cold, a little an ext callous." He becomes much more focused on do even more money.

Ultimately, it"s clean the actors would have desired Epps come still it is in around. "It"s unfortunate us couldn"t figure out a way to make it work," Lee said. The misses the old-school music Epps would blast ~ above set, be it R&B or Guns N" Roses.

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Plus, Lee said, "the workload has increased v Mike gone."

Jimmy Flaherty (Chris Bauer), the basketball society owner, will have a beefier function and is now a regular. "He"s in search of family," O"Malley said. And also we"ll continue to see more of Cam"s girlfriend Allison (Meagan Tandy), who remains a grounding presence for Cam. Cassie (Tichina Arnold) watch her partnership with sneaker mogul Da Chen Bau (Robert Wu) deepen. "He loves she for her," O"Malley said.