For example, if your username is “lhw”, your username through the tag will certainly be “lhw#6335”.

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If someone wants to include you ~ above Discord, they need to get in your username along with your tag.

Otherwise, they won’t be able to include you.

Discord tags room randomly generated after you’ve collection a username.

If you have Nitro, you’ll be able to readjust your sign by navigating to her account settings.

In her account settings, friend can edit your username and readjust your tag.

However, if friend don’t have actually Nitro, you must use another technique to change your tag.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to readjust your Discord tags without Nitro.

How to readjust your Discord tag there is no Nitro

To readjust your Discord tag there is no Nitro, you need to go to your account settings and also edit her username.

Next, change your username to your tag, then readjust it back to her previous username immediately after.

By doing this, your tag will certainly be changed to a random one.

This method does not allow you to edit the tag, however it alters your sign until you acquire one that you like.

Hence, if you occur to acquire a tag that you don’t like, you need to repeat the measures again.

However, you must repeat the actions in intervals.

If you adjust your username as well often, you’ll it is in temporarily clogged from act so.

So, make sure to adjust your username in an interval of 30 minutes or an ext to avoid this.

Here’s exactly how to adjust your Discord tag without Nitro:

1. Go to her account settings


After you’ve tapped ~ above “Account” her account setups will open.

On her account settings, you’ll watch an “Account Information” header.

Under the “Account Information” header, you’ll see 4 options.

This includes your username, email, phone, and also password.

Tap ~ above “Username” to edit your username.

2. Adjust your username to your tag


After you’ve tapped ~ above “Save”, the “Verify your password” page will open.

On the page, you should verify her password to adjust your username.

On the “Password” field, enter your Discord password.

Then, tap ~ above “Done” to readjust your Discord username to your tag.

3. Adjust your username earlier to her previous one


After you’ve tapped ~ above “Done”, you’ll it is in directed ago to her account settings.

On her account settings, you’ll see that her Discord username is readjusted to your tag.

You’ll additionally see that your tag has actually changed.

Instead that “#7350”, your tag is now readjusted to “#6335”.

Whenever you readjust your username to her tag, your tag will be changed to a arbitrarily one.

In this case, your tag has been randomly changed to “#6335”.

Now, tap on the “Username” option again.

After you’ve tapped on the “Username” option, you’ll soil on the “Edit Username” page again.

On the page, change your username ago to her previous one.

For example, if her previous username is “lhw”, adjust it ago to “lhw”.

Then, tap top top “Save” and also verify her password again to conserve your changes.

4. Repeat procedures #1 to #3

If you’re satisfied through your tag, you don’t have to do noþeles else.

However, if you’re no satisfied through your tag, you must repeat measures #1 to #3 again.

Repeat procedures #1 to #3 until you obtain a tag the you like.

As tags are randomly generated, girlfriend may have actually to readjust your username multiple times until you get a tag that you like.

However, you need to avoid an altering your username as well often.

If you do, you’ll gain temporarily clogged from doing so.

To alleviate this, you require to readjust your username in an interval that 30 minutes or more.

You’ve successfully learned just how to adjust your Discord tag without Nitro!


Changing your Discord tag is tedious together it needs you come constantly change your username.

To avoid this, you can get Nitro to do the transforming of your tag simple.

Once you have actually Nitro, you can edit your tag by going to your account settings.

Then, tap on “Username” and also edit your tag by an altering the 4-digit number ~ above the hashtag field.

Keep in mind the you can only adjust your tags 5 times every hour.

If you adjust your tag or username more than 5 time in an hour, you’ll gain a “You are transforming your username too fast. Shot again later.” error.

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