Bearded dragons have a lot of unique characteristics and traits, not least of i beg your pardon is their head bobbing and arm waving habits. A many their actions room a an outcome of evolution and also a throwback come the habits of your wild ancestors. One thing you may have actually seen your beardie doing and also that has actually left you scratching her head is the opened of your mouth.

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You may have actually seen her beardie basking on a rock through his mouth open, or hiding in cover and opening and also closing his mouth. If it isn’t necessarily a an unfavorable sign, friend should identify when he is doing it to discover out whether he is in pain, enduring from anxiety, or simply self-regulating temperature.

Read on for nine factors your beardie could have his mouth open.


Reasons her Beardie has actually His Mouth Open

It is most most likely that your beardie is regulation his temperature v an activity known together gaping, but there are other causes why her pet reptile could be partaking in this odd-looking activity.

1. Gaping because that Temperature Regulation

Lizards like bearded dragons room unable come sweat, i m sorry is the main technique of regulating human body temperature because that humans. Us sweat come cool the body down. A lizard must find other ways to control its human body temperature, and also opening its mouth is one such technique. In this instance, the activity is dubbed gaping and it vents excess warm from the body, as such reducing the body temperature.

It is most typical for a beardie come gape while the is basking, which usually method that that will perform this while sit on a absent under the warmth lamp. If he is gaping in other areas of the tank, you may want to inspection to ensure the there space some cool spots whereby your dragon deserve to go come cool down.

A mustache dragon’s terrarium should have actually cool and hot point out to enable it to heat up and cool down as required.

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Do Bearded dragons Sleep through Their Mouth Open?

It is not typical for beardies come sleep v their mouth open. It could just be an unusual quirk that an separation, personal, instance beardie, yet it may additionally be a sign that her dragon is too hot throughout the night. The night temperature that the cage must be cooler 보다 the daytime, and especially approximately the area where your bearded dragon sleeps.

Why Is my Bearded Dragon difficult His Tongue Out?

As well as opening its mouth, her bearded dragon may stick his tongue out. This enables him to more reduce his human body temperature to a reasonable level and is common during gaping.

2. Beard Stretching

A moustache dragon is so-called because of the beard approximately its neck. They have the right to puff your beards out, and some can readjust the shade or the intensity of the shade in your beard. It is usual for a beardie come stretch his beard, together it is known, when he feels endangered or when being aggressive. In ~ this time, this beard will often turn black too. Back this is an instinctive reaction once being aggressive, the beardie may also perform the activity at any type of time. They additionally stretch your beard together a method of working out it and also practicing the action.

Do Beardies Yawn?

Beard stretching have the right to take many forms. Her beardie can stretch his neck, raise his head, open his mouth, and change the shade of his beard. This can look prefer he is yawning. What’s more, moustache dragons, like most animals, do likewise yawn, and this is no a cause for concern.

Why Is mine Bearded Dragon Opening and Closing His Mouth?

The consistent opening and closing that his mouth might be her bearded dragon extending his beard and practicing.

3. Aggressive and also Defensive Behavior

Most the us recognize the bearded dragon to be a calm, placid, and friendly tiny lizard. They usually obtain along an extremely well with their human being owner, and also can even take fine to strangers. However, they have the right to still feeling threatened and also appear aggressive in nature if this happens.

Image Credit: paintings, ShutterstockBearded dragons have a an excellent understanding that people are lot bigger than they are, so seldom act aggressively towards us. Yet if you startle her beardie, he will act accordingly. His aggressive solution might include opening his mouth and also stretching his mustache to try and intimidate and frighten you. Although an wild beardie is rare, the open up mouth might be add by hissing, charging, and even some biting.

4. Emotion Threatened

It no just humans that can startle moustache dragons, that course. If girlfriend keep more than one in the very same cage, i m sorry is not generally recommended, it can be that one beardie, generally the male, is gift aggressive towards the other. This have the right to startle the female, who might react by opening her mouth and hissing.

If you have actually other pets, they might be bring about a startled reaction by pull close the cage, attempting come bat in ~ the beardie, or by making according to noises and scaring the dragon. If her beardie’s cage is close to the window, it can even be the noise the passing car or ar dogs the is resulting in an wild reaction.

Try to determine any type of noise or other activity that can be causing the reaction and also look for ways to alleviate it. Relocate the cage come a quieter area, or away from the window, if this will certainly help.

5. Respiratory Infection

The significant cause for issue if her beardie has his mouth open all the moment is a respiratory tract infection. These can happen when humidity levels space too high for also long. They room not adjusted to breath moist air, so you have to keep this humidity level down in the tank.

Keep any water key away native heaters, don’t usage bark or various other moisture-retaining items, and also add much more ventilation. Ensure that the moisture level does not rise above 40% for long. Indications of respiratory infection encompass gaping every day, even when no basking, in addition to mucus in and also around the mouth.

If the infection is permitted to worsen, your dragon can become listless and also lethargic, and you will must seek veterinary assistance instantly because it can not be treated effectively at home.

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Image Credit: Tambako The Jaguar, Flickr

Should You it is in Worried?

In most instances, the is quite natural for her bearded dragon to have actually his mouth open, but there room some instances where it deserve to be reason for concern. It can be a authorize that your beardie is startled or scared, that he is aggressive, or, worse still, the he has actually a respiratory epidemic that is affecting his breathing and also needs prompt attention. It is an ext likely, however, the your beardie is gaping or regulation his body temperature and using his open mouth come vent hot air from his body.