A starting person question: Why we should assign IP addresses on LAN if switches are not may be to review them? because of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)? however Switches can"t send ARP requests (switches can"t review ipv ), right? Who sends out the ARP request then?



An IP address on a true great 2 just switch is used for monitoring (accessing the CLI remotely, sending out SNMP traps, logging, TACACS/RADIUS, etc.). The IP attend to on the switch is in no way required for the switch to actually do its job, i m sorry is to move frames.

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If i review your question as "why perform I need to assign IP addresses to my clients" the prize is: girlfriend don"t have actually to. Over there are various other protocols then IP (I guess you typical IPv4 since you are stating ARP). You deserve to use IPv6, IPX, Appletalk, ...

You require some protocol ~ above Layer-3 (like IPv4, IPv6, IPX, ...) so the your hosts can talk to every other and also to other parts of the network.

As mentioned by others: top top a Layer-2 move IPv4 is only offered for management. A pure Layer-2 switch must not care around protocols above layer-2 for switching packets.

As a next note: There where / room some older chips provided in switches which can"t perform Ethernet multicast and also can"t be supplied in (most) IPv6 environments.

The question may encompass ARP however that is question inside the question. Much better read the initial question again.

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