My mother passed far a few months ago. Deserve to she listen me in heaven once I speak to her?

Sincerely, Brian

Dear Brian,

No one deserve to answer your question with any type of degree that certainty. As far as i know, the bible never gives a definitive answer.

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Nevertheless, the holy bible does give some insight into the matter. In Revelation 6:9-11, a group of Christian martyrs are pictured under the altar in heaven watching fatality blows rain under upon believer who space alive ~ above earth during the great Tribulation. This men and women space obviously mindful of the events on earth and are pleading because that God come get even with the persecution perpetrators.

Acts 7 records the stoning that Stephen because that the “crime” that preaching the Gospel. He to be the an initial Christian martyr. Just before dying he experienced Jesus leaning end the ramparts of heaven looking ~ above him v compassion and also concern: “When castle heard this, they to be furious and gnashed their teeth at him. But Stephen, complete of the divine Spirit, looked approximately heaven and also saw the glory that God, and Jesus standing at the appropriate hand the God. ‘Look,’ the said, ‘I see heaven open and the son of guy standing at the best hand that God.’ in ~ this they covered their ear and, yelling at the top of your voices, they all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him” (Acts 7:54-58).

In Matthew 17, Moses and Elijah clearly already knew the events going on once they appeared with Jesus on the mountain of transfiguration. In Luke 15 Jesus speaks of rejoicing in the existence of the angels, no BY the angels but in your presence, at any time a sinner repents, arguing God’s people in sky rejoice in ~ God’s job-related in resides on earth. To rejoice at it, they obviously have to be aware of it.

Some check out Hebrews 12:1-2 as proof that believer in Heaven deserve to observe activities occurring on earth. The Heroes of confidence are pictured in Hebrews 11 as standing in a good stadium as they cheer for Christians who are running the “race the is collection before them.” i don’t specifically agree v this interpretation. I think the the writer to the Hebrews was merely using them as encouraging instances to united state that our confidence can result in victorious living, too!

On the various other hand, Julie and I listened through rapt fist as one of our missionary friends indigenous the middle East described the raid top top her family members by the an enig police of a country that frequently persecuted Christians. Her skull was break-up open by an axe. Her husband to be beaten mercilessly. God miraculously defended their children. She to be air evacuated to Vienna and miraculously made it through with all her mental and motor an abilities intact! she husband completely recovered. She wept as she explained the fear of the attack; however, moments later on her lips curled up in a soft laugh as she called of the vision she had throughout the strike of the saints that Hebrews 11 cheering her on in her pain.

While these examples can hint in ~ your mom being come hear (and see) friend on earth, they are definitely not definitive. Mine opinion is that—I just don’t recognize the answer. But, probably the complying with story deserve to put points in perspective.

When our infant daughter, Jessie, passed away in ours arms, Julie and also I said, “Good bye,” and also then knelt to pray. Ns remember questioning God to tell Jessie that we were she mommy and also daddy and that we loved her much more than words can tell. I asked God come relate to her just how glad we were that she finally had a working body through which to enjoy the delights the Heaven. I prayed because that God to tell she that we were looking forward to seeing she again soon!

At she funeral ns prayed because that Jesus come tell Jessie that us really wished she to be still right here on earth us, however that we did no begrudge she one bit the good time she was having actually in Heaven.

Brian, I find myself still quiet praying those prayers tho today—thirty-eight-years later. I don’t understand if Jessie can observe or hear from me directly; on the various other hand, I understand that God can, and that provides me confident the Jessie knows as well. Ask God in prayer come tell your mom everything you desire to phone call her. It just may be that God overcome the post along.

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Thanks for the question. Ns hope my thoughts are helpful.

Love, Roger



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