debug console mode error pattern mismatch

Witcher 3 is arguably one of the most exciting story-based games out there. Along with the character development, players are enabled to choose different paths as they progress through the story. There are several various outcomes that you can gain to relying on the options you made along your journey. The gameplay is also really enjoyable and you won’t gain bored while play this game.

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Several players have actually recently to be complaining around the “Debug Console mode Error sample Mismatch” error in their game. If you’re also getting the very same error blog post while trying to launch the game then here are some solutions that might aid you resolve this error.

How to resolve Debug Console mod Error sample Mismatch?

Delete Mod papers Manually

The technique that assisted most of the players to settle the error in Witcher 3 to be to remove all the mod papers from their PC. Simply removing the mod papers from one place won’t help you fix the problem. Quite you will need to remove all the papers related to the console mod from your PC.

So, make sure to eliminate the mod files from the content folder and the plugin folder and also the dsound.dll file. If you’re no sure around the document paths climate you can use the search bar on your paper explorer to look because that these specific files in the game folder.

You can additionally ask various other users on virtual forums to assist you delete every the documents related to her mod and also then girlfriend can try loading the game again. If you’ve properly removed all the files related come the debug console mode then that need to fix your difficulty at this stage. However, if you still confused then you should sign up with a discord server for this game and also then share your display screen with a friend that is willing to assist you resolve the trouble with your mod.

eliminate All Mods

If she still can not to acquire the video game to occupational then we imply that you remove all the mods that you’ve mounted on her PC. As pointed out before, you need to remove every the mode files along with the mods and ensure the you’re running the vanilla files on her PC.

After remove the mod files from the PC, girlfriend should access the video game properties indigenous the Steam client and climate verify the game files. Doing that will aid you immediately download the lacking game files and even if did you do it accidentally turned off a non-mod file, the verification process will download that again on her PC.

It could take a while and when the confirmation is done, your client should start downloading some documents for the game. If there space no lacking files, you can just click the play button to load the game. Hopefully, this time about you won’t be running into the debug console error and also the video game will launch without problems.

Mod can develop several concerns like this for her game, especially after a patch. So, make sure to download the updated mode packs just if you desire to avoid similar problems in the future.

Reinstall Game

If the video game won’t load also after you’ve removed the mod files then friend should shot reinstalling the game onto a different drive on her PC. You can access the heavy steam configurations to make secondary library folder for her games. Climate you have the right to just remove the Witcher 3 from the client and climate reboot the PC.

After that, you must launch steam again and also then download Witcher 3 ~ above the newly produced library folder. It would be ideal if friend can pick a drive that was untouched through the mod records to avoid any type of chances that running right into this error again.

The video game should job-related perfectly after you’ve mounted the game documents from scratch onto a various hard drive. For more assistance, girlfriend can likewise reach the end to the support members for this game. The resolve that cleared up for many of the players to be to eliminate the mod papers manually.

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The video game fixed itself after all the mod files were removed from the video game folder. If you perform that step correctly then friend won’t need to bother through reinstalling the video game on her PC. So, to save your time, ask someone to guide you ~ above the community forums.